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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

MJS T2702 7" Tablet

MJS T2702
MJS T2702
The MJS T2702 is a 7 - inch tablet that comes equipped with Rockchip RK3126B quad core processor that features 1.2 GHz processing speed with an integrated graphics controller which is capable of rendering high definition movies and playing low resolution games with ease.
The MJS T2702 specs include a 7" screen with 1024 x 600 resolution. The resolution is quite low compared to other devices, so it is expected that the display is not that sharp and clear compared to other tablets with huge resolution.

In terms of storage there is 8 GB internal storage plus microSD slot to expand storage up to 64 GB. Other features of this tablet include dual cameras and a built-in microphone for photos and face-to-face chat - 0.3 MP front camera and 2.0 MP rear camera; 512 MB system memory which is somewhat low nowadays;    and a 2500 mAh Li-Po battery which will give you several hours of battery juice. As regards to connectivity, this MJS T2702 comes equipped with Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, Wi-Fi hotspot; Micro USB port; and 3.5 mm Standard Audio Jack.

MJS T2702
MJS T2702

This MJS T2702 is powered by the most popular mobile operating system in the planet, the Android operating system (Android 5.1 Lollipop). This tablet measures about 4.2" x 0.4" x 7.4" and weighs about 99.5 You can have this device at the price of $ 34.99. Other devices in this price range include Lenovo TAB 2 A7-20 - 59445601 and Digiland DL1008M 10.1-inch tablet.
MJS T2702
MJS T2702

Let us know your feelings on this model. Are you interested in this tablet due to the fact that it offers Android OS? Let us know the best price you have seen online for this tablet model and if you have previous history with buying from this brand in the past.


Denita Powell said...

This tablet sucks. Its slow and laggy, after downloading 1 game in Google play store start getting error 491 message. And it freezes alllll the time. Smh, not even worth $35 bucks

wanda huntsman said...

Purchased this tablet via Best Buy for a personal gift. Unfortunately, I failed to open the box until May 01, 2016. Best Buy says that it's a no go on the warranty and the manufacturer will NOT answer any emails. Phone number doesn't work. Guess I'm stuck with a dud, too!!!!

Creole Gumbo said...

I agree. It SUCKS!!!! Waste of money. It will not play YouTube or Netflix. What the heck is going on? Take it off the market.

Creole Gumbo said...

I agree this tablet sucks. I bought for my kids to watch Netflix while we travel. But it doesn't play the movies. The same with YouTube. The resolution is poor I may need glasses after trying read things on this screen. Save your money. Don't buy it

Anonymous said...

Does this tablet hide characters while typing in password? Or is it like other iPads that show the characters then turn them into astericks?

Robert Garner, Jr. said...

You will get what you pay for. Some of the free apps from the play store isn't compatible to download on the tablet. You may have to run a wireless update in order to get the device to function at its fullest potential, but overall this tablet isn't worth the investment. Don't Buy it!!!