AOKZOE Announces Launch Pricing and Indiegogo Campaign Date for A1 Pro Gaming Handheld with AMD Ryzen 7 7840U APU


Technology enthusiasts and gamers alike can rejoice as AOKZOE has announced the launch pricing for its upcoming gaming handheld, the A1 Pro. The company has also confirmed the Indiegogo campaign launch date for the A1 Pro, and has shared new videos of the device in action.

The A1 Pro is one of two gaming handhelds that AOKZOE has planned. While the A2 has been announced, the company has remained silent on any further details regarding the device. On the other hand, AOKZOE has been building hype around the A1 Pro, which is expected to come equipped with the powerful AMD Ryzen 7 7840U APU.

The company has confirmed that the A1 Pro will be sold on Indiegogo, with the campaign set to begin on April 30 at 16:00 UTC. AOKZOE has stated that the A1 Pro will start at a price of US$799 for the black and white colourways, although it is unclear how many units will be available at this price. However, AOKZOE has indicated that it will honour this pricing for 96 hours from the start of the campaign.

For those who order the A1 Pro during the Early Bird period, AOKZOE will bundle various accessories with the device. These include a carry case, a glass screen protector, a USB Type-C dock, joystick caps, and an AOKZOE-branded 64 GB USB stick. It remains to be seen if the company will also provide similar accessories for other Indiegogo orders.


AOKZOE has also shared new videos of the A1 Pro in action, showcasing the device's performance capabilities. The videos show the A1 Pro running various games, including Assassin's Creed Valhalla and Genshin Impact. The device appears to handle these games with ease, thanks to the powerful AMD Ryzen 7 7840U APU.

Overall, the A1 Pro looks like a promising device for gamers who want to play their favorite games on the go. With its powerful APU and various accessories, the A1 Pro is sure to appeal to gamers who are looking for a high-quality handheld gaming device. As the Indiegogo campaign for the A1 Pro is set to begin soon, those who are interested in purchasing the device should keep an eye out for the launch date and take advantage of the Early Bird pricing and bundled accessories.

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