Garmin's Beta Update: A Step Forward or Just Patching the Cracks?

Garmin's Beta Update

Garmin, a leading smartwatch manufacturer, has recently released a new beta update for several of its popular smartwatch models, including the Fenix 6, Enduro, Marq, Quatix 6, and Tactix Delta. This update, known as Beta Version 25.91, is now available for download either over-the-air (OTA) or through Garmin's Connect Mobile and Express services.

The primary focus of this beta update is to address an issue that caused manual Wi-Fi synchronizations to be reported as failed. It is important to note that this issue was specific to the Pro smartwatches, which includes the Fenix 6 Pro and Fenix 6S Pro models. By releasing Beta Version 25.91, Garmin aims to rectify this problem and ensure that users can perform Wi-Fi synchronizations without any difficulties.

Although this beta update does not include any updates related to GPS, Sensor Hub, Wi-Fi, ANT/BLE/BT, or new secure_config.gcd files, users should be able to install Beta Version 25.91 without encountering any additional changes. Therefore, if you own a Fenix 6, Enduro, Marq, Quatix 6, or Tactix Delta smartwatch and are participating in the public beta testing, you can expect to receive the latest update within the next few days.

Interestingly, it appears that Garmin inadvertently removed bug fixes from the previous changelog. Specifically, the company seemed to have eliminated 17 changes that were developed between v25.10 and Beta Version 25.88. However, these bug fixes have now been reinstated in the changelog for Beta Version 25.91, bringing the total number of changes between v25.10 and the latest beta to 35.

To provide further context, let's take a look at the full changelog that Garmin has included in the latest update:

  1. Added Obstacle Course Racing activity.
  2. Added the ability to rate Connect IQ applications from the app settings menu.
  3. Updated Altitude Acclimation widget to display altitude acclimation as a percentage.
  4. Updated the Golf activity to allow users to disable the auto-lap notification during recording.
  5. Updated the inReach app to prompt the user when the inReach device is out of range while tracking is enabled.
  6. Improved Ski activity to differentiate between skiing on lifts and downhill skiing.
  7. Improved algorithm for calculating calories burned in Swim activities.
  8. Improved voice prompts played during activities.
  9. Fixed a potential issue in the Strength activity where the configured weight of a set sometimes doesn't carry over to following sets.
  10. Fixed an issue where low battery alerts don't automatically switch power modes even when configured to do so.
  11. Fixed a UI issue when editing alarms.
  12. Fixed a potential issue where connecting headphones while shuffle playing music would cause the device to restart the playlist.
  13. Fixed an issue where setting the default battery mode for an activity would not change the current battery mode of the current activity session.
  14. Fixed a potential issue causing CIQ watch faces to fail to load.
  15. Fixed a potential issue causing device shutdowns in strength activities.
  16. Fixed a potential issue where receiving text messages from a phone would cause the device to shutdown.
  17. Fixed an issue where LiveTrack would not auto-start on activities even when configured to do so.
  18. Fixed an issue where the device would not exit Battery Saver Mode after fully charging.
  19. Fixed possible issues with inaccurate altimeter data on recorded activities.
  20. Fixed an issue with gender not defaulting to female on "S" sized devices.
  21. Fixed an issue where the timer data on the Ski activity was incorrectly formatted.
  22. Fixed missing vibration on Obstacle Course Racing splits.
  23. Fixed a potential shutdown that would occur when rating a Connect IQ application.
  24. Fixed an issue with incorrect weight after editing the last set's weight in the strength activity.
  25. Fixed a potential issue where the daily suggested workout prompt would display the incorrect message.
  26. Fixed a potential issue causing the device to wipe music from storage after software updates.
  27. Fixed various system stability issues.
  28. Fixed an issue with manual Wi-Fi syncs being reported as failed.
  29. Fixed an issue where the device would not show all saved waypoints on the waypoint list.
  30. Fixed a possible shutdown that would occur when receiving smart notifications during an activity.
  31. Fixed a possible shutdown when selecting a PacePro plan.
  32. Fixed the inability to set a custom power mode inside an activity.
  33. Fixed a possible issue that would cause the device to report incorrect ascent and descent data during an activity.
  34. Fixed a possible issue that would cause the device to shut down when editing a set in the strength activity.
  35. Fixed an issue with manual Wi-Fi syncs being reported as failed on Pro devices.

With these reinstated bug fixes, Garmin aims to enhance the overall performance and user experience of the Fenix 6, Enduro, Marq, Quatix 6, and Tactix Delta smartwatches. By addressing various issues related to activities, battery modes, synchronization, stability, and more, Garmin continues to prioritize the satisfaction and functionality of its users' smartwatches.

To ensure that users can enjoy the latest improvements and bug fixes, Garmin has made Beta Version 25.91 readily available for download. Whether you prefer an over-the-air update or using Garmin's Connect Mobile or Express services, you can easily install the update on your compatible smartwatch.

As Garmin continues to fine-tune its software and address any reported issues, users can look forward to future stable releases that incorporate these enhancements. By actively engaging with its user base through beta testing and implementing user feedback, Garmin reaffirms its commitment to delivering high-quality smartwatches that cater to the needs of its customers.

In conclusion, Garmin's recent beta update, Beta Version 25.91, brings significant improvements and bug fixes to the Fenix 6, Enduro, Marq, Quatix 6, and Tactix Delta smartwatches. With the reinstatement of 17 previously removed changes and the resolution of Wi-Fi synchronization issues, Garmin aims to enhance user experience, activity tracking accuracy, stability, and overall performance. By making this update available through various channels, Garmin demonstrates its dedication to providing its users with a seamless and optimized smartwatch experience.

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