Dell Latitude D5J9K Review: Power and Portability in One Package

Dell Latitude D5J9K

The 14-inch Full HD (1920 x 1080) IPS display on the Latitude D5J9K is a visual delight. The anti-glare screen not only reduces eyestrain but also widens the field of view, making it ideal for long work sessions or binge-watching your favorite shows. With a refresh rate of 60Hz, it ensures smooth and crisp visuals.

CPU: Unleash the Power of 13th Gen

The heart of this laptop is its Intel 13th Generation Core i7 processor. The specific model, i7-1355U, boasts a 10-core configuration, and it doesn't shy away from delivering impressive performance. With a CPU Boost Clock Frequency of 5 gigahertz, this processor is ready to tackle demanding tasks with ease. Whether you're running resource-intensive applications or multitasking, the Latitude D5J9K can handle it.

Graphics: Integrated Excellence

The Latitude D5J9K features Intel Iris Xe Graphics, which is more than capable for everyday tasks. It's suitable for office work, web browsing, media consumption, and even some light gaming. While it may not be a dedicated gaming GPU, it gets the job done for most users.

RAM and Storage: Balanced Configuration

This laptop comes with 8 gigabytes of DDR4 SDRAM, which provides ample memory for multitasking. Whether you're working on spreadsheets, editing photos, or having multiple browser tabs open, this RAM keeps things running smoothly.

The 256 gigabytes of SSD storage offers fast boot times and data access. While it might not be the largest storage capacity available, the SSD ensures your laptop is responsive and efficient. The absence of moving parts also results in reduced heat production and power consumption.

Dell Latitude D5J9K

Connectivity: Versatile and Future-Proof

The Latitude D5J9K is well-equipped in the connectivity department. It features 1 x HDMI port, allowing you to connect to external displays or projectors with ease. Additionally, it offers a generous number of USB ports, including 6 x USB-A 3.2 and 1 x USB-C 3.2, ensuring you can connect all your peripherals and accessories. The inclusion of USB-C is a nod to the future, as this type of port is becoming increasingly common and offers faster data transfer speeds.

In the wireless department, the laptop supports Wi-Fi 6 (802.11 ax), which delivers faster and more reliable connectivity, especially in environments with multiple devices. This laptop also has Bluetooth capabilities, making it easy to connect to other wireless devices.

For those who prefer wired connections, there's an Ethernet card with 10/100/1000 capabilities. This is a nice addition for users who need a stable and high-speed internet connection for gaming or heavy data transfers.

Portability: Lightweight and Sleek

The Dell Latitude D5J9K is designed with portability in mind. It weighs in at just 3.4 pounds and is incredibly thin at 0.73 inches. The slightly smaller screen size, as well as the omission of a DVD/CD drive, contributes to its lightweight and slim profile. It's an excellent choice for users who are always on the move or need a laptop that won't weigh them down.

Operating System: Windows 11 Pro

Out of the box, the Latitude D5J9K comes with Windows 11 Pro, which is a significant upgrade over its predecessor, Windows 10. With Windows 11, you'll experience a user-friendly interface, a redesigned taskbar that functions as a dock, a sleek glass-like desktop, and the return of old favorites like widgets. It also offers convenient features like snap layouts and groups for organizing your open windows.

Backlit Keyboard: Type Anytime, Anywhere

One of the practical features of this laptop is the backlit keyboard, which makes typing in dimly lit or dark environments a breeze. This is a small but crucial addition that can enhance your productivity in various scenarios.

Dell Latitude D5J9K

Battery Life and Charging: Stay Unplugged

The 3-cell battery in the Latitude D5J9K offers a decent battery life, allowing you to work on the go without constantly searching for a power outlet. What's even more appealing is the ExpressCharge feature, which provides a quick power boost. This means you won't have to remain tethered to a plug for extended periods when your battery runs low.

Camera: Front-Facing Convenience

The inclusion of a front-facing camera is handy for video calls and online meetings. While it won't compete with standalone webcams in terms of quality, it gets the job done for basic video conferencing.

Build and Design: Sustainability Meets Innovation

The Latitude D5J9K is more than just a powerful laptop; it's also designed with sustainability in mind. It features renewable and recyclable materials, making it an eco-friendly choice. Dell has even gone the extra mile by achieving EPEAT Gold registrations, which signifies their commitment to minimizing the laptop's impact on the environment.

Security: Protecting Your Data

Dell understands the importance of data security, and the Latitude D5J9K reflects that. It comes equipped with several built-in security features, such as fingerprint readers and both contacted and contactless smart card readers. Additionally, it offers lock slot options to keep your laptop physically secure. These features ensure that your data and your laptop are protected from unauthorized access and theft.


  • Powerful 13th Gen Intel Core i7: With a 10-core configuration and a boost clock frequency of 5 gigahertz, this laptop delivers exceptional processing power.
  • Vibrant Full HD Display: The 14-inch IPS display offers impressive color and clarity, and its anti-glare feature reduces eyestrain.
  • SSD Storage: The 256GB SSD ensures fast boot times, quick data access, and energy efficiency.
  • Versatile Connectivity: With multiple USB ports, HDMI output, Wi-Fi 6, and Bluetooth, you can connect to a wide range of devices and accessories.
  • Portability: Weighing just 3.4 pounds and being ultra-thin, this laptop is easy to carry around.
  • Windows 11 Pro: Enjoy the benefits of the latest Windows OS, with a user-friendly interface and enhanced features.
  • Backlit Keyboard: Typing in low-light conditions is a breeze, thanks to the backlit keyboard.
  • Sustainability: Dell's commitment to renewable and recyclable materials and EPEAT Gold registration is a commendable step toward sustainability.
  • Security Features: Fingerprint readers, smart card readers, and lock slot options ensure your data and laptop are safe.


  • Integrated Graphics: While the Intel Iris Xe Graphics are suitable for most tasks, they may not satisfy the needs of users looking for a dedicated gaming GPU.
  • Limited Storage: The 256GB SSD might be insufficient for users with extensive storage requirements.
  • No 2-in-1 Design: If you're looking for a laptop with a convertible design, this model doesn't offer that feature.
  • Lack of Voice Assistant: Unlike some modern laptops, the Latitude D5J9K doesn't come with a built-in voice assistant.

Final Thoughts

The Dell Latitude D5J9K is a compelling option for users who value power and portability. Its 13th Gen Intel Core i7 processor, vibrant Full HD display, and sustainable design are noteworthy highlights. The laptop is well-equipped in terms of connectivity and offers features like a backlit keyboard for added convenience. While it may not cater to gamers or those with extensive storage needs, it strikes a balance that makes it an attractive choice for a wide range of users. If you're looking for a dependable and eco-friendly laptop that can handle your daily computing tasks with ease, the Latitude D5J9K is a strong contender.

For those seeking cutting-edge features like a 2-in-1 design or a built-in voice assistant, you may need to explore other options. However, if you prioritize a powerful CPU, a sleek design, and the benefits of Windows 11 Pro, the Latitude D5J9K is worth considering.

In conclusion, the Latitude D5J9K is another testament to Dell's commitment to providing quality laptops that cater to the diverse needs of their customers. Whether you're a professional on the go, a student, or a home user, this laptop has the potential to be your reliable companion in the world of computing.

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