Intel Core i9-13900KS Dominates Benchmark Charts with Multitest Mastery

Core i9

The Intel Core i9-13900KS desktop processor has only just been made official and has already topped two benchmark charts. The new Raptor Lake chip has appeared on both PassMark and UserBenchmark, pushing past every other part in its way. The 24-core i9-13900KS utilizes a high base power of 150 W for processing duties.


The i9-13900KS has officially been revealed and is already making numerous headlines. Now, the 24-core, 32-thread part has turned up on both PassMark and UserBenchmark and immediately occupied top spot in two CPU charts. Turning to the latter benchmark first, although UserBenchmark has been frequently criticized for its confusing scoring system and clear Intel bias, it is still useful for spotting new SKUs. There is no surprise that a single sample of the i9-13900KS has managed to receive the highest average bench here. The mark given was 135%, beating out the i9-13900K and i9-13900KF processors with scores of 129% each.


As for PassMark, which is a bit more respectable than UserBenchmark, the Intel Core i9-13900KS has moved in front of the i9-13900KF to snatch the single-thread performance crown for desktop processors. The score of 4,848 points gives the i9-13900KS a small advantage of just +3.15% over the -KF variant in this particular benchmark, with the score based on two tested samples (high margin of error). A typical TDP of a whopping 253 W was measured in this instance, with the Raptor Lake part even managing to offer a very satisfying average CPU Mark result, which involves multiple CPU tests.

Multitest Mastery

Often in the past, Intel managed to produce a chip that blew everything away when it came to single-thread or single-core performance but then faltered when it came to utilizing multiple threads or cores. However, the i9-13900KS achieves an average CPU Mark test suite score on PassMark of 62,737 points, which leaves it rubbing shoulders with server parts like Xeon and EPYC processors and even with (admittedly aging) Threadripper chips. The Intel Core i9-13900KS comes with a configuration of 8x performance cores and 16x efficient cores and can hit up to a 6 GHz clock rate, so it seems to be living up to what its specifications promise by reaching new multitest heights for Team Blue's retail desktop CPUs.


In conclusion, the Intel Core i9-13900KS is a powerful and efficient processor that has immediately topped the charts on PassMark and UserBenchmark upon its release. Its multitest mastery has made it stand out from other processors on the market, making it a top choice for those in need of a high-performance desktop processor.

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