The Intel Celeron 6305: A Dual-Core SoC with Advanced Features for Laptops and Ultrabooks


A dual-core SoC (System-on-a-Chip) for laptops and Ultrabooks, the Intel Celeron 6305 (or 6305U) is available. It is a part of the Tiger Lake-U generation, which was unveiled in the third quarter of 2020. The performance enhancements over the Celeron 5205U and increased power efficiency of this chip are well known.

Enhancements to the architecture

Utilizing the Willow Cove processor cores is one of the key upgrades in the Celeron 6305. Compared to the older Comet Lake-U cores found in the Celeron 5205U, these cores provide a notable performance boost. Additionally, the Celeron 6305's clock speed is 1.8 GHz rather than the Celeron 5205U's 1.9 GHz, which is a small difference. The performance gap between the two chips is not as great as it might appear, though, because the Celeron 6305 does not support Turbo Boost.

Built-in graphics

The integration of the Xe graphics card is another significant upgrade to the Celeron 6305. When compared to the more outdated UHD Graphics G1 (Ice Lake), this provides a significantly higher performance because it is based on the brand-new Gen 12 architecture. In the 6305U, Intel refers to it only as UHD Graphics and offers 48 EUs (Execution Units).

Integration of Thunderbolt 6 and AI Hardware Acceleration

The Celeron 6305 also has AI hardware acceleration and only partially integrated Thunderbolt and Wi-Fi 6 in the chip, in addition to architectural and graphics improvements. This allows for quicker processing of tasks related to artificial intelligence and better connectivity options for the device.

Production Technology

The Intel 10 nm SuperFin process, an improved version of the 10 nm process, is used to make the Celeron 6305. The 7nm process at TSMC (e.g.) is comparable to this process. g. Ryzen 4000 series), which results in a smaller physical footprint and more power-efficient chip.

Power Usage and Socket

The Celeron 6305 is made to work with the BGA1499 socket and has a TDP (Thermal Design Power) of 15 watts. In light, thin laptops and Ultrabooks, this makes it appropriate for use.

The DDR4-3200 and LPDDR4x-3733 memory types are supported by the Celeron 6305 in terms of memory compatibility. As a result, the device's overall performance will be enhanced by its ability to handle higher memory speeds and capacities.

One thing to keep in mind is that the Celeron 6305 does not support SMT or HyperThreading. This indicates that, as opposed to 4 threads with HyperThreading, each core can only manage 2 threads at a time. Performance should still be improved even without HyperThreading thanks to the architectural upgrades in the Willow Cove cores.

Additionally, the 64-bit architecture supported by the Celeron 6305 enables the use of memory capacities greater than 4GB and access to more sophisticated software. This is a vast improvement over the Celeron 5205U's 32-bit architecture, which constrained the amount of memory the machine could use.

Wi-Fi 6 (Gig) and Thunderbolt 4 are both supported by the Celeron 6305 in terms of connectivity. The most recent wireless technology standard, Wi-Fi 6, provides faster speeds and greater reliability compared to earlier Wi-Fi standards. A high-speed data transfer protocol known as Thunderbolt 4 enables quicker data transfer between devices and the laptop or Ultrabook.

All things considered, the Intel Celeron 6305 is a superb option for low-cost laptops and Ultrabooks. Over its predecessor, it offers a significant performance boost and supports cutting-edge features like Wi-Fi 6, Thunderbolt 4, and hardware acceleration for artificial intelligence. It is also more power-efficient and appropriate for use in thin and light devices because it is manufactured using the 10nm process. The Celeron 6305 is a great option for low-cost laptops and Ultrabooks thanks to its enhanced memory support and 64-bit architecture.

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