The Intel Core i5-13420H: A Closer Look at the Raptor Lake-H Series' Mid-Range Option

Core i5

The Intel Core i5-13420H is a mid-range mobile CPU for laptops that is based on the Raptor Lake-H series and the Alder Lake architecture. It is set to be announced in early 2023 and offers 4 of the 6 performance cores (P-cores, Golden Cove architecture) and 4 of the 8 efficient cores (E-cores, Gracemont architecture). The P-cores support Hyper-Threading, leading to 16 supported threads when combined with the E-cores. The clock rate ranges from 2.1 to 4.6 GHz (single core boost, all core up to 4.5 GHz) on the performance cluster and 1.5 to 3.4 GHz on the efficient cluster.


The Core i5-13420H boasts higher clock speeds thanks to the improved Intel 7 process. This allows it to surpass the old Core i5-12450H, with an increase of 200 MHz boost. The E-cores' performance should be similar to old Skylake cores, making it comparable to the Core i7-6700HQ. All cores can use up to 12 MB L3 cache.


The integrated memory controller supports various memory types up to DDR5-5200 (up from DDR5-4800 of the i5-12500H). The Thread Director (in hardware) can support the operating system to decide which thread to use on the performance or efficient cores for the best performance. For AI tasks, the CPU also integrates GNA 3.0 and DL Boost (via AVX2). Quick Sync in version 8 is the same as in the Rocket Lake CPUs and supports MPEG-2, AVC, VC-1 decode, JPEG, VP8 decode, VP9, HEVC, and AV1 decode in hardware. The CPU now supports PCIe 5.0 x8 for a GPU and two PCIe 4.0 x4 for SSDs.

The integrated graphics card is based on the Xe-architecture and offers 48 of the 96 EUs (Execution Units).

Power and Manufacturing

The CPU is rated at 45 W base power (95 W PL2) but most laptops will use a PL1 of around 60 Watt. The SoC is manufactured in a further improved 10nm process at Intel, which is known as Intel 7.

Comparison to Other CPUs in the Raptor Lake-H Series

The Intel Core i5-13420H is part of the Raptor Lake-H series, which includes the following CPUs:

  • Intel Core i9-13900HK: 1.9 - 5.4 GHz, 14 / 20 cores, 24 MB L3
  • Intel Core i9-13900H: 1.9 - 5.4 GHz, 14 / 20 cores, 24 MB L3
  • Intel Core i7-13800H: 1.8 - 5.2 GHz, 14 / 20 cores, 24 MB L3
  • Intel Core i7-13700H: 1.8 - 5 GHz, 14 / 20 cores, 24 MB L3
  • Intel Core i7-13620H: 1.8 - 4.9 GHz, 10 / 16 cores, 24 MB L3
  • Intel Core i5-13600H: 2.1 - 4.8 GHz, 12 / 16 cores, 18 MB L3
  • Intel Core i5-13500H: 1.9 - 4.7 GHz, 12 / 16 cores, 18 MB L3


Overall, the Intel Core i5-13420H is a solid mid-range mobile CPU for laptops that offers a balance of performance and efficiency. With its increased clock speeds, support for Hyper-Threading and various memory types, and integrated AI and graphics capabilities, it is well-suited for a wide range of tasks. The Thread Director and Quick Sync features also allow for optimized performance and efficient use of resources. While it may not have the same number of cores or cache as some of the higher-end CPUs in the Raptor Lake-H series, it still offers a significant improvement over its predecessor and is a solid choice for users looking for a balance of power and efficiency in a mobile CPU.

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