The Intel Core i7-11375H: The Top-of-the-Line Quad Core SoC for Gaming Laptops and Mobile Workstations

Core i7

A top-of-the-line quad-core System-on-a-Chip (SoC) called the Intel Core i7-11375H is intended for mobile workstations and thin and light gaming laptops. This SoC, which is based on the Tiger Lake H35 generation, was first announced in 2021. It has an impressive collection of features and specifications that position it as a top contender for high-performance computing tasks.

Processor Performance and Architecture

The Core i7-11375H includes four Willow Cove processor cores, which can handle 8 threads thanks to HyperThreading. Depending on the TDP setting, the SoC's base clock speed can vary from 3 GHz (28 W TDP) to 3.3 GHz (35 W). The i7-11375H comes with a single-core Turbo Boost 3.0 that enables the SoC to run at up to 5 GHz. The highest clock speeds for two cores are 4.8 GHz and 4.3 GHz for all four cores. The level 3 cache of 12 MB is fully utilized by this SoC.

The extra Turbo Boost 3.0 for a single core is the only variation from the i7-11370H. The i7-11375H should perform similarly to the i7-11370H, with single-threaded short workloads being a bit quicker. However, because of the new processor architecture, multi-threaded performance ought to be better than the outdated Core i5-10400H (Comet Lake, fastest quad-core of the 10th generation).

Enhanced connectivity and graphics

A better Xe graphics card with 96 EUs running at up to 1350 MHz is also included with the i7-11375H. Additionally, the SoC adds support for PCIe 4 (four lanes), hardware AI acceleration, and a limited integration of Thunderbolt 4/USB 4 and Wi-Fi 6.

Manufacturing features and technology

The improved 10nm process (10nm SuperFin) used by Intel to create the i7-11375H is comparable to the 7nm process used by TSMC (e. g. AMD Ryzen 4000 series). The SoC is also equipped with features like DDR4-3200/LPDDR4x-4266, DL Boost, GNA, Wi-Fi 6/6e, and Thunderbolt 4.


For thin and light gaming laptops and mobile workstations, the Intel Core i7-11375H is a potent SoC. It is a strong contender for high-performance computing tasks thanks to its impressive performance and selection of features. The i7-11375H is a flexible and powerful SoC that is suitable for a variety of applications thanks to its cutting-edge graphics card and connectivity options.

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