The Intel Core i9-13980HX: A Powerful Processor for Gamers and Professionals

Core i9

The Intel Core i9-13980HX is a high-end mobile processor from the Raptor Lake-HX series that is rumored to be announced in early 2023. This CPU is said to be based on the desktop Core i9-13000K and boasts 24 cores and 32 threads.

Raptor Cove Performance Cores: 

The i9-13980HX is said to feature eight fast Raptor Cove performance cores (P-cores) with HyperThreading and sixteen Gracemont efficiency cores without HyperThreading. The Turbo is rumored to reach up to 5.6 GHz. This new Raptor Cove micro-architecture is said to offer bigger caches and improved performance compared to the Alder Lake series.

DDR5 Memory Support:

 The chip is also rumored to support faster DDR5 memory, with a maximum speed of 5600 MHz for the i9-13980HX. This means that it should be able to handle demanding tasks, such as gaming and video editing, with ease.


 The CPU is said to still be produced using the 10nm process (Intel 7) with additional refinements. This production process is said to be more energy efficient and produce less heat, making it ideal for use in laptops and other mobile devices.

Comparison to Previous Models:

 The i9-13980HX is expected to offer higher performance than the old Core i9-12900HX, thanks to its additional E-cores and higher clock speeds. This makes it a suitable option for users who require a high level of performance and multitasking capabilities.

Additional Features: 

The i9-13980HX is also rumored to feature Intel's UHD Graphics 770, which will provide users with a capable integrated GPU for gaming and other graphically-intensive tasks. It also supports both DDR5 5600 MT/s and DDR4 3200 MT/s memory speeds, providing users with a wide range of memory options to choose from.

Power Consumption: 

The i9-13980HX is said to have a TDP (Thermal Design Power) of 55 watts, making it suitable for use in laptops and other mobile devices that are designed to be energy efficient. This means that it should be able to run for long periods of time without consuming too much power and generating too much heat.

Architecture and Compatibility: The i9-13980HX is built on the x86 architecture, which is the most widely used instruction set architecture for personal computers. This means that it will be compatible with most existing software and operating systems, making it easy to use and integrate into existing systems.


 In conclusion, the Intel Core i9-13980HX is a powerful and versatile mobile processor that is rumored to offer a significant performance boost over previous models. The support for faster DDR5 memory and the use of the Raptor Cove micro-architecture should make it an ideal option for users who demand high levels of performance and multitasking capabilities. Additionally, the integrated UHD Graphics 770, support for both DDR5 and DDR4 memory, and low power consumption make it suitable for a wide range of applications. However, it's important to keep in mind that the above information is based on rumors and leaks and may change till the official announcement of the CPU.

We invite readers to share their thoughts and comments on this rumored high-end mobile processor. Do you think the Raptor Cove micro-architecture and support for DDR5 memory will make a significant difference in performance? Are you excited about the potential clock speeds and core/thread count? Share your thoughts with us using the hashtags #Corei913980HX and #RaptorLakeHX. We look forward to hearing your opinions!

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