Dell Inspiron i7435-A111BLU-PUS

Dell Inspiron i7435-A111BLU-PUS

The Dell Inspiron i7435-A111BLU-PUS is an innovative, 2-in-1 touchscreen laptop from Dell's Inspiron line, which was released in 2023. It is an excellent laptop that is suitable for work, school, or personal use, thanks to its outstanding features, including a powerful AMD Ryzen 5 processor, 8GB of RAM, 512GB of SSD storage, and a stunning 14-inch FHD+ touch display. This laptop is also equipped with Windows 11, which is a significant improvement over the previous Windows 10 operating system. This article will examine the features and benefits of the Dell Inspiron i7435-A111BLU-PUS, as well as its performance and design.


The Dell Inspiron i7435-A111BLU-PUS is an elegant and stylish laptop that comes in a beautiful lavender blue color. The laptop's design is slim and sleek, with a lightweight form factor that makes it easy to carry around. The laptop's dimensions are 12.67 x 8.72 x 0.71 inches, making it thin and portable. Its weight is only 3.25 pounds, which is quite light, making it easy to transport.

Dell Inspiron i7435-A111BLU-PUS


The Dell Inspiron i7435-A111BLU-PUS features a stunning 14-inch FHD+ touch display with a resolution of 1920 x 1200 pixels. This display is designed to provide an immersive visual experience that is ideal for entertainment, work, and productivity. The laptop's display is also borderless, which makes it appear more spacious and reduces distractions.

The FHD+ IPS touchscreen is designed to provide a better cinema, document and web browsing experience. The touchscreen is responsive, smooth, and accurate, making it easy to navigate around the laptop's interface. This feature is particularly useful for designers, artists, and content creators who require precise input and control over their work.

Processor and Performance

The Dell Inspiron i7435-A111BLU-PUS is powered by an AMD Ryzen 5 7530U processor, which features machine intelligence that anticipates your needs. The processor is designed to provide ultimate performance and responsiveness, making it suitable for demanding tasks such as video editing, graphic design, and gaming. The Ryzen 5 7530U features 6 cores and 12 threads, which enables it to handle multiple programs and applications simultaneously, without any lag or stuttering.

Dell Inspiron i7435-A111BLU-PUS

This laptop is equipped with 8GB of RAM, which is a substantial high-bandwidth RAM to run your games and photo- and video-editing applications, as well as multiple programs and browser tabs all at once. This RAM capacity makes the Dell Inspiron i7435-A111BLU-PUS suitable for multitasking and running several applications simultaneously.


The Dell Inspiron i7435-A111BLU-PUS features a 512GB M.2 PCIe NVMe Solid State Drive. This type of storage is faster than a hard drive and has no moving parts, resulting in faster start-up times and data access, no noise, and reduced heat production and power draw on the battery. The 512GB SSD storage capacity is ample space for storing your files, documents, photos, videos, and games.

Operating System

The Dell Inspiron i7435-A111BLU-PUS comes with Windows 11 Home, which is a significant improvement over the previous Windows 10 operating system. Windows 11 has all the power and security of Windows 10, with a redesigned and refreshed look. It also comes with new tools, sounds, and apps, making it easier to get work done faster and more efficiently.

Windows 11 is designed to provide a more streamlined and intuitive experience. The Start menu is more customizable and can be personalized to suit individual preferences. It features a new, simplified design with easy-to-access pinned apps and recommended files. Windows 11 also comes with a new Snap Layouts feature, which allows users to easily arrange multiple windows on the desktop for better productivity.

In addition, Windows 11 includes new security features such as hardware-based root of trust, which helps protect user credentials and data. It also includes built-in security against malware, phishing, and other threats. Windows 11 also has improved accessibility features, such as enhanced voice typing and improved dictation.

Overall, the Dell Inspiron i7435-A111BLU-PUS's Windows 11 Home operating system is a significant upgrade over previous versions of Windows, providing users with a more streamlined and secure computing experience.

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