News: Deloitte Goes All In on Crypto with Hundreds of Job Listings

Deloitte is making a major push into crypto with over 300 job listings for blockchain and cryptocurrency positions in the US.

Deloitte, one of the largest professional services companies in the world, appears to be making a significant push into the cryptocurrency space. According to recent job listings on LinkedIn and Google Jobs, the firm has posted 331 crypto-related job openings in the US alone, with titles ranging from Blockchain & Digital Assets Manager to Tax Manager for Blockchain & Cryptocurrency.

The number of crypto-related job listings for Deloitte far exceeds those of the other “Big Four” accounting firms, Ernst & Young, KPMG and PricewaterhouseCoopers, which have zero results for crypto-related job listings on LinkedIn. This suggests that Deloitte is making a concerted effort to become a leader in the crypto industry.

The job listings indicate that Deloitte is looking for candidates with experience in blockchain and cryptocurrency. For example, the “Blockchain & Digital Assets Manager” listing states that the successful candidate will be leading teams to provide audit readiness for blockchain and digital asset transactions. The post also says that they will be responsible for designing governance models, identifying new risks, and evaluating blockchain reliability.

The Tax Manager positions are also indicative of Deloitte's interest in the crypto space. The firm is seeking candidates who can advise clients on tax implications related to blockchain and cryptocurrency transactions. One of the Tax Manager positions is even specific to Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), a type of digital asset that has exploded in popularity in recent months.

Deloitte's interest in crypto is not entirely surprising, as the firm has been signaling its readiness to work with crypto firms for some time. In fact, earlier this year, Deloitte was hired by Circle to audit its proof-of-reserves. This move was significant, as all of the “Big Four” firms had previously been unwilling to conduct this type of audit for a private crypto company.

It remains unclear whether these job listings are entirely new, or if they represent an expansion of Deloitte's existing crypto team. Regardless, the sheer number of listings suggests that Deloitte is taking a serious interest in the crypto industry and is willing to invest significant resources to become a leader in the space.

Overall, Deloitte's push into the crypto industry is a positive development for the industry as a whole. The firm's deep expertise in accounting and auditing, combined with its growing knowledge of blockchain and cryptocurrency, could prove invaluable to clients seeking to navigate the complex regulatory landscape of the crypto space.

Moreover, Deloitte's interest in crypto is yet another indication that the industry is rapidly evolving and becoming more mainstream. As more traditional firms like Deloitte enter the space, it is likely that we will see increased adoption of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, which could have significant implications for the future of finance and business.

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