A Closer Look at the HP ENVY 17-cw0023dx

HP ENVY 17-cw0023dx

In today's fast-paced digital world, having a reliable and efficient laptop is essential for both work and entertainment. The HP ENVY 17-cw0023dx is a powerful and stylish laptop that offers a range of impressive features designed to enhance your productivity and provide an immersive multimedia experience. From its high-performance processor and graphics capabilities to its advanced connectivity options and sleek design, this laptop delivers on all fronts. Let's take a closer look at its key features, pros, and cons.

CPU and Graphics Processor:

The HP ENVY 17-cw0023dx is equipped with an Intel 13th Generation Core i7 processor, specifically the Core i7-13700H model. This 14-core processor provides exceptional performance, enabling smooth multitasking and handling resource-intensive tasks with ease. Whether you're editing videos, running demanding software, or playing graphics-intensive games, this processor ensures a seamless and responsive experience.

Complementing the powerful processor is the Intel Iris Xe graphics. This integrated graphics solution delivers impressive performance for creative tasks, gaming, and entertainment. You can expect stunning visuals and smooth graphics rendering, making it a great choice for both casual and avid gamers.


The laptop features a 17.3-inch Full HD IPS touchscreen display. With a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, this display delivers sharp and vibrant visuals, ensuring that your content looks its best. The IPS technology provides wide viewing angles of 178 degrees, allowing you to enjoy clear and accurate colors from almost any position. Additionally, the touchscreen functionality adds convenience and flexibility, enabling you to interact with your PC directly on the screen.

HP ENVY 17-cw0023dx

Connectivity: The HP ENVY 17-cw0023dx offers a range of connectivity options to meet your needs. It includes Thunderbolt 4 ports with USB Type-C, allowing you to connect multiple devices and peripherals with blazing-fast data transfer speeds of up to 40Gbps. You can power your device or connect up to two 4K displays using a single cable. The laptop also features Wi-Fi 6E and Bluetooth 5.3 technology, providing faster wireless speeds, improved performance, and enhanced connectivity options.

RAM and Storage:

With 16GB of DDR4-3200 MHz RAM, the HP ENVY 17-cw0023dx ensures smooth multitasking and efficient performance. Whether you're working on complex projects, running multiple applications simultaneously, or handling large datasets, this ample amount of RAM keeps things running smoothly.

For storage, the laptop comes with a PCIe NVMe SSD with a total capacity of 1024 gigabytes (1TB). This type of storage offers significantly faster performance compared to traditional hard drives, ensuring quick boot times, rapid application loading, and seamless file transfers. You'll have plenty of space to store your files, documents, multimedia content, and more.

Front Camera and Other Features:

The HP Wide Vision 5MP IR camera with an 88-degree wide-angle field of view is a standout feature of the ENVY 17-cw0023dx. This camera enables secure logins through Windows Hello using the infrared sensor and allows you to enjoy detailed video chats with your loved ones. The camera also includes a physical shutter, ensuring your privacy and security by turning off the camera when not in use.

Another notable feature is the backlit keyboard, which allows you to continue working comfortably even in low-light environments. The HP Dual Speakers, HP Audio Boost, and expert tuning by Bang & Olufsen deliver an exceptionally rich audio experience, providing immersive sound for your movies, music, and video calls.

HP ENVY 17-cw0023dx

Dimension and OS:

The ENVY 17-cw0023dx boasts a sleek and slim design, with a thickness of just 0.77 inches. Its aluminum casing not only adds to its aesthetic appeal but also enhances durability, making it suitable for daily use. The laptop has a screen-to-body ratio of 86%, thanks to its micro-edge display with ultra-thin bezels. This design revolutionizes the appearance of the display, providing a maximized viewing area and an immersive multimedia experience.

The HP ENVY 17-cw0023dx runs on the Windows 11 Home operating system. Windows 11 introduces a refreshed Start menu, improved ways to connect with people and content, and a more natural and intuitive user interface. With Windows 11, you can expect enhanced productivity, better gaming capabilities, and seamless integration with Microsoft services.

Other Features and Pros:

  • The laptop supports HP Fast Charge technology, allowing you to charge up to 50% of the battery in approximately 30 minutes. This feature is incredibly convenient when you're on the go and need to quickly top up your battery.
  • The advanced thermal management system of the ENVY 17-cw0023dx ensures optimal heat dissipation, keeping the laptop cool to the touch even during intensive tasks. The inclusion of an IR sensor helps maintain the laptop's temperature without compromising sound quality.
  • The laptop's sustainable design showcases HP's commitment to environmental responsibility. It incorporates recycled aluminum and ocean-bound plastics, features 100% recyclable packaging, and holds EPEAT Gold and ENERGY STAR certifications.


  • While the ENVY 17-cw0023dx offers impressive performance, it may not be the most portable option due to its 17.3-inch screen size and weight of 5.5 pounds. It is better suited for those who prioritize a larger display and are willing to sacrifice some portability.
  • The laptop's integrated graphics, although capable, may not satisfy the demands of dedicated gamers or professionals who rely heavily on graphics-intensive applications. For such users, a dedicated graphics card would be a better choice.
  • Despite its advanced connectivity options, the laptop lacks an Ethernet port. While Wi-Fi is sufficient for most users, those who require a wired connection for specific tasks may need to use a USB-to-Ethernet adapter.

In conclusion, the HP ENVY 17-cw0023dx is a high-performance laptop that combines power, style, and a range of impressive features. From its 13th Generation Intel Core i7 processor and Intel Iris Xe graphics to its FHD IPS touchscreen display and advanced connectivity options, it provides a versatile and immersive computing experience. With its sleek design, backlit keyboard, and enhanced audio capabilities, it offers both functionality and aesthetics. While it may not be the most portable option and lacks a dedicated graphics card, it is an excellent choice for those seeking a powerful and stylish laptop for productivity, multimedia, and everyday use.

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