AYN Technologies Streamlines LOKI Gaming Handheld Series with Exclusive AMD APUs

LOKI Gaming Handheld Series

AYN Technologies, a leading player in the gaming industry, is making significant progress towards the release of its highly anticipated LOKI gaming handheld series. However, the company has recently made a significant change to its plans by eliminating three model variants and opting to exclusively use AMD APUs. This decision comes as a result of limited demand and market forces, leading AYN Technologies to focus solely on the AMD platform for its LOKI series.

Previously, AYN Technologies had intended to offer seven different models in the LOKI series, comprising of two Intel SKUs and five AMD options. However, due to various factors, including consumer demand and logistical considerations, the company has chosen to abandon the three Intel models and concentrate solely on the AMD platform. This shift highlights AYN Technologies' commitment to delivering the best possible gaming experience on their handheld devices.

AYN Technologies has recently provided an update on the progress of the LOKI series. The company claims to have completed the Design Validation Testing (DVT) phase for the LOKI Mini Pro, featuring the AMD Ryzen 3 7320U. Additionally, AYN Technologies has received the case mould for this particular model, indicating that production is advancing well. Testing of the LOKI Mini Pro is set to commence shortly, which is an exciting development for gaming enthusiasts eagerly awaiting the release of this handheld device.

Furthermore, AYN Technologies has acquired 100 LOKI and LOKI Max boards, indicating that production is gaining momentum. Although specific release dates for the LOKI series have not been announced, the company continues to accept pre-orders on its website, allowing consumers to secure their units in advance. It's worth noting that the LOKI Max, the flagship model in the series, is priced at $775 and is equipped with the powerful Ryzen 7 6800U APU and Radeon 680M graphics. Despite the availability of newer and more potent Ryzen 7000 or Ryzen Z1 series APUs, the LOKI Max retains its price point, positioning it alongside the AOKZOE A1 Pro and the ASUS ROG Ally.

In addition to the progress made, AYN Technologies has made the decision to remove three models from the LOKI lineup. Reports suggest that the company failed to meet minimum order quantities for the Pentium 8505 Gold, Core i3-1215U, and AMD 7000 versions of the LOKI Mini. As a result, these models, namely the LOKI Zero, LOKI Mini Pro, and the AMD 7000 variant of the LOKI Mini, have been discontinued. However, customers who had placed pre-orders for these canceled models need not worry, as AYN Technologies has committed to providing full refunds or offering credits towards one of the remaining four LOKI models.

This strategic revision in AYN Technologies' plans emphasizes the importance of adaptability and market responsiveness in the gaming industry. By streamlining their product lineup and focusing solely on AMD APUs, the company aims to optimize performance, enhance user experience, and ensure that their handheld gaming devices are equipped with the latest and most powerful hardware available.

In conclusion, AYN Technologies is making significant strides towards the release of its LOKI gaming handheld series. With the completion of the DVT phase for the LOKI Mini Pro and the arrival of 100 LOKI and LOKI Max boards, the company is moving closer to bringing these highly anticipated devices to market. By eliminating three model variants and exclusively utilizing AMD APUs, AYN Technologies is aligning its product offerings with market demand and technological advancements. Gaming enthusiasts eagerly await the official release of the LOKI series, which promises to deliver an exceptional gaming experience on a portable and powerful handheld device.

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