Garmin's Changelog Controversy: Why Were Key Bug Fixes Removed in Latest Update?

Fenix 6, Enduro, Marq, Quatix 6 and Tactix Delta

Garmin, a renowned brand in the smartwatch industry, has recently released a new beta update for its Fenix 6 series smartwatches, as well as other compatible models such as Enduro, Marq, Quatix 6, and Tactix Delta. The latest update, Beta Version 25.89, comes with a trimmed changelog compared to its predecessor, as Garmin has removed 17 bug fixes that were included in Beta Version 25.88.

While Garmin has not officially addressed the removal of these bug fixes, a comparison of the changelogs between Beta Version 25.88 and 25.89 confirms the omission of the following fixes:

  1. Fixed a possible issue that caused incorrect ascent and descent data reporting during activities.
  2. Fixed a potential issue that resulted in the device wiping music from storage after software updates.
  3. Fixed a potential issue in the Strength activity where the configured weight of a set sometimes didn't carry over to following sets.
  4. Fixed a potential issue where receiving text messages from a phone caused the device to shut down.
  5. Fixed a potential issue where the daily suggested workout prompt displayed an incorrect message.
  6. Fixed a potential shutdown that occurred when rating a Connect IQ application.
  7. Fixed a UI issue when editing alarms.
  8. Fixed an issue where Livetrack wouldn't auto-start on activities even when configured to do so.
  9. Fixed an issue where low battery alerts didn't automatically switch power modes even when configured to do so.
  10. Fixed an issue where the timer data on the Ski activity was incorrectly formatted.
  11. Fixed an issue with gender not defaulting to female on "S" sized devices.
  12. Fixed an issue with manual Wi-Fi syncs getting reported as failed.
  13. Fixed an issue with incorrect weight after editing the last set's weight in the strength activity.
  14. Fixed missing vibration on Obstacle Course Racing splits.
  15. Fixed possible issues with inaccurate altimeter data on recorded activities.
  16. Fixed the inability to set a custom power mode inside an activity.
  17. Fixed various system stability issues.

In addition to these fixes, Garmin also mentions that it resolved an issue between Beta Versions 25.88 and 25.89 that prevented the upload of golf activities to Garmin Connect. The company has chosen to distribute the latest beta build as an over-the-air (OTA) update instead of through its Garmin Connect Mobile (GCM) service.

While the rollout of the update is currently at 30%, users can manually trigger the update by selecting 'Check for Updates' within the main Settings menu. For more detailed information, interested individuals can refer to Garmin's forum post. It's worth noting that Beta Version 25.89 also includes several other changes compared to the stable version 25.10:

  1. Added Obstacle Course Racing activity.
  2. Added the ability to rate Connect IQ applications from the app settings menu.
  3. Fixed a possible shutdown issue when editing a set in the strength activity.
  4. Fixed a possible shutdown when receiving smart notifications during an activity.
  5. Fixed a possible shutdown when selecting a PacePro plan.
  6. Fixed a potential issue causing CIQ watch faces to fail to load.
  7. Fixed potential device shutdowns in strength activities.
  8. Fixed a potential issue where connecting headphones while shuffle playing music caused the device to restart the playlist.
  9. Fixed an issue where setting the default battery mode for an activity wouldn't change the current battery mode of the current activity session.
  10. Fixed an issue where the device wouldn't exit Battery Saver Mode after fully charging.
  11. Fixed an issue where the device wouldn't display all saved waypoints on the waypoint list.
  12. Improved the algorithm for calculating calories burned in Swim activities.
  13. Improved the Ski activity to distinguish between skiing downhill and being on lifts. 14. Improved voice prompts played during activities.
  14. Updated the Altitude Acclimation widget to display altitude acclimation as a percentage.
  15. Updated the Golf activity to allow users to disable the auto-lap notification when recording the activity.
  16. Updated the inReach app to prompt the user when the inReach device is out of range when tracking is toggled on.

These additional changes aim to enhance the overall functionality and user experience of the smartwatches. The inclusion of the new Obstacle Course Racing activity caters to users interested in this specific sport, allowing them to track their performance and progress more accurately. Furthermore, the ability to rate Connect IQ applications directly from the app settings menu provides users with a convenient way to provide feedback and share their experiences with different apps.

The bug fixes related to potential shutdowns and issues in activities such as strength training and golf address critical stability concerns and ensure a smoother and more reliable user experience. The improvements made to the Ski activity, including the distinction between skiing downhill and being on lifts, offer more precise tracking and data analysis for skiing enthusiasts.

Other updates, such as the improved algorithm for calculating calories burned in Swim activities and the enhanced voice prompts, contribute to the overall accuracy and usability of the smartwatches during various fitness and outdoor activities. The Altitude Acclimation widget's update, which now displays altitude acclimation as a percentage, provides users with valuable information regarding their acclimation to high-altitude environments, benefiting hikers, climbers, and mountaineers.

The changes to the Golf activity give users more control over the auto-lap notification, allowing them to customize their experience based on personal preferences. Additionally, the update to the inReach app ensures that users are promptly notified when their inReach device goes out of range during tracking, enhancing safety and reliability for outdoor adventures.

Garmin's decision to distribute the beta update as an over-the-air (OTA) update rather than through the Garmin Connect Mobile (GCM) service demonstrates the brand's commitment to delivering timely updates and improvements to its users. By providing an easy and accessible method for users to manually trigger the update, Garmin ensures that users can benefit from the latest enhancements without unnecessary delays.

In conclusion, Garmin's rollout of the new beta update, Version 25.89, for its Fenix 6 series, Enduro, Marq, Quatix 6, and Tactix Delta smartwatches brings a combination of bug fixes, new features, and improvements. While the changelog for this update may be shorter than the previous version, the inclusion of important fixes and enhancements aims to provide users with a more stable, accurate, and enjoyable experience. As Garmin continues to refine its smartwatches, users can look forward to future updates that further enhance the functionality and performance of their devices.

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