Garmin's Latest Beta Update Resolves Critical Bugs in Fenix 6, Enduro, Tactix Delta, Quatix 6, and Marq Smartwatches


Garmin, a leading company in the smartwatch industry, has recently rolled out a new beta update, Version 25.86, for its popular smartwatch models, including the Fenix 6, Enduro, Tactix Delta, Quatix 6, and Marq series. This beta update focuses primarily on addressing bugs identified in the previous Beta Version 25.85. It is worth noting that the update is currently available only for manual download and installation.

Enhancements and Bug Fixes

The new beta update, Version 25.86, aims to enhance the overall performance and user experience of the Garmin smartwatches. By addressing several bugs and issues, Garmin continues to demonstrate its commitment to providing reliable and stable software for its customers.

  1. Fix for Shutdown Issue During Smart Notifications

One of the notable bug fixes in Beta Version 25.86 relates to a shutdown problem that occurred when receiving smart notifications during an activity. This issue, which could interrupt and potentially disrupt the user experience, has been resolved in the latest update. Users can now enjoy uninterrupted activities while staying connected with their notifications.

  1. Resolution for Shutdown During PacePro Plan Selection

Another bug that has been addressed in the new beta build is the occasional shutdown that could happen when choosing a PacePro plan. PacePro is a feature in Garmin smartwatches that offers adaptive pacing strategies for various activities, such as running or cycling. With the bug fix in Version 25.86, users can confidently rely on the PacePro functionality without worrying about unexpected shutdowns.

  1. Fix for Custom Power Mode Setting

Garmin has also resolved a bug in the previous version that prevented users from setting a custom power mode within an activity. Power modes allow users to optimize their smartwatches' power consumption and performance based on their specific needs. With the fix in the new beta update, users can now customize their power settings efficiently during their activities, ensuring a tailored experience.

Manual Installation Process

To access the latest beta update, Garmin users will need to manually sideload the software onto their smartwatches. Unlike regular updates that are pushed directly to devices, beta updates require users to take additional steps for installation. This process ensures that only those who actively seek the beta software can access it, allowing Garmin to gather valuable feedback and improve the stability of their updates.

To manually sideload the update, users must visit Garmin's official website and navigate to the support section. From there, they can find the specific download link for their respective smartwatch model and follow the provided instructions for installation. It is crucial to carefully follow the guidelines to ensure a smooth and successful installation of the beta update.


Garmin's recent beta update, Version 25.86, offers a range of bug fixes for the Fenix 6, Enduro, Tactix Delta, Quatix 6, and Marq series smartwatches. With this update, Garmin aims to enhance the user experience by addressing issues identified in the previous version and delivering a more reliable and stable software environment. By manually sideloading the update, users can take advantage of these bug fixes and enjoy the improved performance of their Garmin smartwatches.

As a leader in the smartwatch industry, Garmin continues to prioritize customer satisfaction and actively seeks feedback through its beta program. This commitment to refinement and continuous improvement solidifies Garmin's position as a reliable and innovative brand in the wearable technology market. Users can look forward to future updates and advancements that will further enhance their smartwatch experience with Garmin.

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