Google Pixel 7a Hands-On Leak Reveals Surprising Design Changes and Upgraded Hardware

Google Pixel 7a

Google fans have eagerly awaited the release of the Pixel 7a, and new details about the upcoming device have emerged online. A YouTuber named Munchy has managed to obtain a retail unit of the Pixel 7a and has shared a lengthy hands-on video, providing previously unknown hardware details.

One of the most surprising details that Munchy revealed is that the Pixel 7a is 25 g heavier than its direct predecessor, the Pixel 6a. This is unexpected because the Pixel 7a has a nominally smaller battery capacity than the Pixel 6a. The Pixel 7a weighs in at 193 g, making it just 4 g lighter than the Pixel 7. It appears that Google has made some design changes to the Pixel 7a that have resulted in the device being heavier than the Pixel 6a.

Despite the increase in weight, the Pixel 7a does not have a larger battery capacity. Instead, Munchy reports that the device has a 4,300 mAh battery, which is the same size as the Pixel 6a's battery. It's unclear why Google decided to reduce the battery capacity of the Pixel 7a, especially since the device has a larger and higher resolution display than the Pixel 6a.

In addition to the battery capacity and weight, Munchy has also revealed several other hardware details about the Pixel 7a. The device has a 90 Hz display, which is a first for the Pixel A-Series. It also features a Google Tensor G2 chipset, which is an upgrade over the Tensor G1 chipset that is used in the Pixel 6a. The Pixel 7a also comes with 8 GB of LPDDR5 RAM and supports wireless charging.

Video (Munchy)

The Pixel 7a will be officially announced by Google on May 10, alongside at least the Pixel Fold. European and UK pricing for the Pixel 7a has now leaked, and it's expected to be priced at €499 in Europe and £429 in the UK. The device's official cases have also been revealed, with prices ranging from €45 to €55.

Overall, the Pixel 7a appears to be a significant upgrade over the Pixel 6a in terms of hardware. However, the reduction in battery capacity is somewhat disappointing, and it remains to be seen how this will affect the device's battery life. Nonetheless, Google fans will undoubtedly be excited to get their hands on the Pixel 7a when it is released later this month.

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