iPhone 15 Series: What to Expect from Apple's Latest Flagship Lineup

iPhone 15
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Exciting rumors have surfaced regarding Apple's upcoming iPhone 15 series, as a leaked video showcases a comprehensive collection of dummy models for the iPhone 15, 15 Plus, and 15 Pro. These alleged successors to the iPhone 14-series variants are expected to be released in late 2023, with several notable upgrades, including the adoption of USB Type-C charging. This article will delve into the details surrounding these leaked dummy units and discuss the potential differentiating features that may attract consumers.

The Leaked Dummy Models

MacRumors recently published a video displaying what appears to be the entire lineup of iPhone 15-series dummy models. This leak suggests that Apple plans to continue offering a range of variants, just like in previous years. The video reveals four models, including the iPhone 15 Ultra or possibly the 15 Pro Max, which had been previously leaked in the form of a dummy unit intended to guide case manufacturers.

Joining the alleged 15 Pro Max in the lineup are the remaining 15-series variants. These dummy units depict the iPhone 15, 15 Plus, and 15 Pro, indicating that Apple intends to offer consumers a choice of four models for yet another year. This ensures that there will be a successor to the iPhone 14 Plus, which appears to share design similarities with its 15-series counterparts, such as the new Action Button.

Design and Appearance

The leaked dummy units reveal a few interesting details about the design and appearance of the iPhone 15 series. While the exact nomenclature of the devices remains uncertain, the "15 Plus" variant displayed in the video stands out due to its dark finish, deviating from the traditional pale silver of previous physical iPhone leaks. This change suggests the possibility of a shift to frosted glass for all models, a cosmetic feature previously exclusive to the Pro models.

However, at this stage, it may be challenging to distinguish a 2023 iPhone from its 2022 counterpart, except for one significant absence—the Lightning port. Rumors have circulated for some time regarding Apple's plan to transition to USB Type-C connectivity, and the leaked dummy units seem to confirm this change. The omission of the Lightning port may be one of the most noticeable differences between the upcoming iPhone 15 series and its predecessors.

Enhancements and Subtle Upgrades

Although the leaked dummy units may not reveal drastic changes in appearance, MacRumors correspondent Dan Barbera suggests that Apple has implemented subtle upgrades to enhance the user experience. One notable improvement is the addition of a beveled edge to the metallic frames of each variant, which may provide a distinct feel when held in the hand.

Another significant upgrade is the expected shift to USB Type-C charging. This change brings faster data transfer speeds and greater compatibility with various devices, offering users a more versatile and seamless experience. While the absence of the Lightning port may be an adjustment for some users, the benefits of USB Type-C charging outweigh this inconvenience.


The leaked video showcasing a complete set of dummy units for the iPhone 15, 15 Plus, and 15 Pro has generated excitement among Apple enthusiasts. While the physical appearance of these devices may not differ significantly from their predecessors, potential upgrades such as the adoption of USB Type-C charging and the introduction of a beveled edge suggest that Apple aims to improve the user experience. As we await the official release of the iPhone 15 series in late 2023, consumers will likely anticipate these rumored features, weighing the decision to upgrade based on the value and benefits these devices bring.

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