Over One Third of Top Crypto Projects Silent on Blogging in 2023, Putting Long-Term Growth at Risk

Over One Third of Top Crypto Projects Silent on Blogging in 2023, Putting Long-Term Growth at Risk

The world of cryptocurrency is evolving at an unprecedented rate, with new projects popping up every day. However, a recent report by blockchain marketing agency Guerilla Buzz has revealed a troubling trend among the industry's top players: a significant number of them have stopped blogging altogether.

According to the report, 35.8% of the top 1,000 cryptocurrency projects have not published a single new article on their respective websites in 2023. This is a worrying statistic, as blogging is an essential aspect of any company's marketing strategy. It not only helps to establish a brand's authority and thought leadership within the industry but also drives organic traffic to the website.

The researchers at Guerilla Buzz stated that the reason for this trend is that many crypto companies are not prioritizing strong marketing foundations. Instead, they are focusing their efforts on generating hype for their token sales and opting for short-lived growth spurts. This short-sighted approach may lead to initial success, but it is not sustainable in the long run.

The research methodology used by Guerilla Buzz was straightforward but labor-intensive. The researchers manually inspected the corresponding website of the top 1,000 crypto projects to see if they had a blog. From there, they assessed the number of articles published within recent years and checked to see how many new blog posts had been published in 2023.

Of the top 10 crypto projects, Binance's BNB Chain was the clear leader, with 59 new articles published this year. In second place was Polygon (MATIC), with 36 new posts, followed by Cardano (ADA), with 12.

Interestingly, the most popular blogging website of choice for crypto projects was the free blog hosting website Medium. This is reportedly a practice that has stuck around since the days of the 2017 initial coin offering craze, where thousands of new projects popped up in the span of a few months, many of which opted for little more than a one-page website, a white paper, and lofty promises of a tech revolution.

However, while Medium remains the go-to platform for many crypto project blogs, it may not actually be the best choice for companies seeking long-term growth. "By relying on Medium's platform, these companies are essentially boosting Medium's traffic and growth instead of their own," the researchers wrote.

"While Medium's excellent on-page SEO capabilities and high domain authority may have made it an easy choice for crypto companies seeking to generate buzz quickly, this focus on short-term gains may not be sustainable in the long run."

The lack of blogging from these crypto companies may not only hurt their long-term growth prospects but also make them more susceptible to criticism and skepticism from the community. It is essential for crypto companies to establish themselves as trustworthy and transparent entities, and blogging is an excellent way to do so.

In conclusion, while the cryptocurrency industry is still in its infancy, companies must prioritize strong marketing foundations to ensure their long-term growth and success. Blogging is an essential aspect of any company's marketing strategy, and neglecting it can have dire consequences. As the industry continues to evolve, it will be interesting to see how companies adapt to the changing landscape and whether they will prioritize sustainable growth over short-lived hype.

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