ASUS Vivobook M1603QA-R712512: Promising Features or Compromised Performance?

ASUS Vivobook M1603QA-R712512

In the competitive world of laptops, ASUS has always been a prominent player, offering a wide range of options to suit different needs and budgets. The ASUS Vivobook M1603QA-R712512 is one such offering that promises a feature-packed experience with its powerful hardware and sleek design. However, upon closer inspection, there are a few aspects of this laptop that may leave some users wanting more. In this article, we will dive into the various components of the ASUS Vivobook M1603QA-R712512 and discuss its pros and cons.

CPU: The beating heart of any computer, the Central Processing Unit (CPU) is responsible for executing instructions and performing calculations. The Vivobook M1603QA-R712512 is equipped with the AMD Ryzen 7 5000 Series processor, specifically the 5800H model. With its high clock speeds and multi-threading capabilities, the Ryzen 7 5800H offers excellent performance for both multitasking and gaming. It can handle resource-intensive tasks with relative ease, making it a suitable choice for power users. However, it's worth noting that AMD processors tend to run hotter compared to their Intel counterparts, which could result in thermal throttling under prolonged heavy workloads.

Graphics Processor: The Vivobook M1603QA-R712512 features integrated graphics powered by AMD Radeon. While integrated graphics have come a long way in recent years, they still fall short when it comes to demanding tasks such as gaming or professional graphic design. If you're a casual gamer or use applications that require dedicated graphics processing power, you might find the performance lacking.

ASUS Vivobook M1603QA-R712512

Display: The 16-inch Full HD (1920 x 1080) LED display on the Vivobook M1603QA-R712512 is a mixed bag. On the one hand, it offers a decent resolution and provides crisp visuals with accurate colors. On the other hand, the absence of touch screen functionality is disappointing, especially considering that many laptops in this price range now offer touch screens as a standard feature. Additionally, the screen resolution could have been higher to take full advantage of the large display size, as 1600 x 768 falls short of expectations for a laptop in this category.

Connectivity: The Vivobook M1603QA-R712512 offers a good range of connectivity options, including four USB ports (one USB 2.0 Type A, two USB 3.0 Type A, and one USB 3.0 Type C). The inclusion of USB Type C is a welcome addition, as it allows for faster data transfer and provides versatility for connecting various peripherals. The laptop also supports Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax), which offers faster wireless speeds and improved reliability. However, the absence of an Ethernet port might be a drawback for users who prefer a wired internet connection.

RAM and Storage: The Vivobook M1603QA-R712512 comes with 12GB of DDR4 RAM, which is a decent amount for most tasks, including multitasking and light gaming. However, it's worth mentioning that the RAM is not expandable beyond 16GB, which could be a limiting factor for users who require more memory for resource-intensive applications in the future. In terms of storage, the laptop features a 512GB Solid State Drive (SSD), offering fast data access and quick boot times. The SSD capacity is adequate for storing your files and applications, but if you work with large media files or have an extensive game library, you might find yourself running out of space sooner than expected.

ASUS Vivobook M1603QA-R712512

Camera: The inclusion of a front-facing camera and built-in microphone is a standard feature in most laptops today, and the Vivobook M1603QA-R712512 is no exception. While the camera and microphone quality are acceptable for video conferencing and casual use, they may not meet the expectations of users who require higher-quality audio and video for professional purposes.

Dimension and Weight: The Vivobook M1603QA-R712512 strikes a balance between portability and screen real estate. It weighs 4.14 pounds and measures 0.78 inches thin, making it relatively light and slim for a laptop with a 16-inch display. The omission of a DVD/CD drive contributes to its compact form factor. If you frequently travel or need a laptop that you can easily carry around, the Vivobook M1603QA-R712512 offers a good compromise between size and functionality.

Operating System: The laptop comes pre-installed with Windows 11 Home, the latest operating system from Microsoft. Windows 11 offers a refreshed user interface and new features, providing a modern and visually appealing experience. However, it's worth mentioning that some users might prefer Windows 10, which is more mature and has a larger ecosystem of compatible software and drivers.

Other Features: The Vivobook M1603QA-R712512 features a chiclet keyboard, which offers comfortable and accurate typing. However, the absence of a backlit keyboard might be a drawback for users who frequently work in low-light environments. Additionally, the laptop includes a basic software package that offers a 30-day trial of Microsoft Office 365, which can be convenient for users who need productivity tools right out of the box.


  1. Powerful AMD Ryzen 7 5800H Series processor for excellent performance.
  2. Large 16-inch display with decent color accuracy.
  3. Good range of connectivity options, including USB Type C and Wi-Fi 6.
  4. Fast and responsive 512GB SSD for quick data access.
  5. Relatively lightweight and thin for a 16-inch laptop, making it portable.


  1. Integrated graphics may not meet the needs of demanding gamers or professionals.
  2. Lack of touch screen functionality and lower screen resolution for a laptop in this price range.
  3. RAM not expandable beyond 16GB, limiting future upgradability.
  4. Limited storage capacity for users with extensive media files or game libraries.
  5. Average camera and microphone quality may not meet professional requirements.
  6. No backlit keyboard, which can be inconvenient in low-light environments.
  7. Some users might prefer Windows 10 over the newer Windows 11 operating system.

In conclusion, the ASUS Vivobook M1603QA-R712512 offers a range of appealing features, such as a powerful processor, large display, and fast storage. However, it has a few drawbacks that might impact its appeal, including the lack of dedicated graphics, limited upgradability, and certain design choices like the absence of touch screen functionality and a backlit keyboard. It's important to consider your specific needs and preferences before making a purchase decision, as there are alternative laptops available in the market that may better suit your requirements.

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