ONEXPLAYER ONEXFLY: AOKZOE A2 Doppelgänger Raises Eyebrows in Gaming Handheld Market


In the ever-evolving landscape of gaming handhelds, One-netbook has recently unveiled some intriguing details about their latest creation, the ONEXFLY. After months of anticipation and a series of initial teasers, the company has made a surprising decision. Instead of going ahead with their original plan to release a 6-inch gaming handheld featuring an AMD Mendocino processor, they have opted for a complete transformation. The ONEXFLY has emerged as an exact replica of the AOKZOE A2, a move that has raised more than a few eyebrows.

Initially, One-netbook had promised a gaming handheld powered by AMD Mendocino APUs, such as the Ryzen 5 7520U. For those not in the know, Mendocino APUs are known for combining Zen 2 CPU cores with RDNA 2-derived integrated GPUs. However, while these APUs are undoubtedly capable, their GPU performance falls short compared to other iGPUs offered by AMD. This has resulted in relatively low adoption among gaming handheld manufacturers, despite the allure of their affordability.

Therefore, it should come as no surprise that One-netbook has decided to change its course in light of this realization. Instead of sticking to their guns and proceeding with the AMD Mendocino route, they have made a bold move by opting for the Ryzen 7 7840U, AMD's APU of choice for modern gaming handhelds. You may also recognize this chip as the Ryzen Z1 Extreme, found in the ASUS ROG Ally. The Ryzen 7 7840U brings together Zen 4 CPU cores with a Radeon 780M iGPU based on the impressive RDNA 3 architecture. This shift promises to deliver a substantial boost in gaming performance compared to the previous plan.

In addition to the change in processing power, the ONEXFLY has also seen a transformation in its display size. The original 6-inch display has been superseded by a larger 7-inch panel, capable of displaying crisp 1080p visuals in a 16:9 aspect ratio. This enhancement not only provides a more immersive gaming experience but also caters to the needs of users who enjoy media consumption on the go.

While we're on the subject of improvements, it's worth mentioning that the ONEXFLY boasts a respectable 48 Wh battery. This should provide enough juice to keep you gaming for extended periods without worrying about running out of power. Furthermore, the device weighs a mere 580 g, making it lightweight and portable, perfect for gaming enthusiasts constantly on the move. It doesn't stop there, as the ONEXFLY combines 16 GB of RAM with a generous 512 GB of storage, ensuring that you have ample space for your games, media, and other essential files.

One-netbook has also treated us to official ONEXFLY images, finally giving us a glimpse into the shared lineage between the ONEXFLY and the AOKZOE A2. However, it seems that both One-netbook and AOKZOE have been rather tight-lipped about the nature of their associations. Although this may leave us with lingering questions, it is anticipated that One-netbook will distribute the ONEXFLY worldwide, alongside the AOKZOE A2.

As the gaming handheld market continues to expand and evolve, it is interesting to witness the decisions and adaptations made by manufacturers. One-netbook's choice to revamp the ONEXFLY into an AOKZOE A2 lookalike demonstrates the company's willingness to keep up with the latest technology and consumer demands. With a more powerful processor, an enlarged display, and impressive storage capacity, the ONEXFLY is poised to make its mark in the handheld gaming arena. Gamers and tech enthusiasts alike eagerly await its official release, eager to experience the power and convenience that this rebirthed device has to offer.

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