WWDC 2023 Unveils iOS 17: A Step Forward or a Missed Opportunity for Apple?

iOS 17
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Apple's highly anticipated Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2023 keynote unveiled the latest version of iOS, iOS 17, which introduces a range of exciting features and enhancements to iPhones. With the focus primarily on the stable version of iOS 17, this update brings significant improvements to AirDrop, customization options, and a new stand-by mode called StandBy AOD. Additionally, the Phone app introduces innovative ways to handle known and unknown callers, while FaceTime and Messages receive updates to enhance communication and user experiences.

Enhanced AirDrop and NameDrop

One of the standout features of iOS 17 is the expanded functionality of AirDrop, Apple's wireless sharing system. Users can now seamlessly sync music and share photos between two devices, even if they move out of the normal AirDrop range. iOS 17 leverages Wi-Fi or mobile data to ensure uninterrupted sharing, making the process more streamlined and convenient.

NameDrop, a new addition to AirDrop, allows users to exchange or share Apple's Contact Posters. These vertical caller ID cards can be personalized with font styles, flattering photos, and other customizations. Users can now have complete control over how their contact information is presented to others. Additionally, iOS 17 introduces Live Voicemail, which enables users to check a transcript of what an unknown caller is saying before deciding whether to answer the call or not.

Improved FaceTime and Messages

iOS 17 brings several enhancements to FaceTime and Messages, two popular communication features on iPhones. Users can now send video messages in the event of a missed call, providing a more interactive and dynamic communication experience. Messages receive in-line locations, allowing users to easily share their location during conversations. The introduction of live and highly customizable Stickers adds a fun and expressive element to conversations, enhancing the visual experience of messaging. The system-wide "Check In" feature enables users to track the location of a loved one with their consent, ensuring their safety and peace of mind.

Introducing StandBy AOD

StandBy AOD (Always-On Display) is a new stand-by mode exclusive to the iPhone 14 Pro series, compatible with iOS 17. When activated, the iPhone's display turns into a landscape-oriented, custom "beside clock" with its own widgets and a power-saving all-red mode. This feature allows users to easily view essential information and notifications while their device is idle, without having to unlock it. With StandBy AOD, iPhones become functional even when not actively in use, enhancing convenience and productivity.

Enhanced Autocorrect, Dictation, and Transformer Model

iOS 17 brings improvements to the Autocorrect and Dictation keyboard features with the integration of the Transformer machine-learning model. This advanced model enhances prediction accuracy, typing suggestions, and overall typing experience. With the Transformer model, users can expect a more intuitive and accurate keyboard, improving their productivity and reducing errors while typing. This enhancement benefits a wide range of iPhones, improving the typing experience for users across different models.

Developer-Friendly Features

iOS 17 places a significant emphasis on providing development opportunities for third-party apps. The new Suggestions API, which powers the system's multi-media Journal app, is open to third-party developers, allowing them to integrate and enhance their apps with this powerful feature. The SharePlay API, necessary for the new AirDrop features, also supports third-party apps, enabling developers to leverage the sharing capabilities of iOS 17. Additionally, the CallKit API supports Contact Posters, allowing developers to create innovative caller ID solutions within their apps.


The release of iOS 17 marks another milestone in Apple's commitment to improving user experiences and expanding the capabilities of iPhones. With features like enhanced AirDrop, personalized caller ID cards through NameDrop, improved FaceTime and Messages functionalities, and the introduction of StandBy AOD, Apple continues to innovate and cater to the diverse needs of its users. Furthermore, the integration of the Transformer model enhances typing accuracy and suggestions, benefiting users across various iPhone models. With its developer-friendly features, iOS 17 encourages third-party app integration, further expanding the possibilities for app developers to create immersive experiences for iPhone users.

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