OnePlus 12R and Ace 2 Pro: Unleashing the Power of Lightning-Fast Charging!

OnePlus 12R and Ace 2 Pro

The tech world is abuzz with rumors about OnePlus' upcoming flagship Android smartphone, the OnePlus 12, and its more affordable variant, the 12R. Excitement has reached new heights as leaks suggest that the Chinese version of the 12R, expected to debut as the Ace 2 Pro, may come equipped with ultra-fast charging technology. This article delves into the leaked information and explores the charging specifications of both the Ace 2 Pro and the 12R based on evidence obtained from a national regulator.

OnePlus' Strategy and the Ace Series

OnePlus has a history of releasing an "R" variant alongside its flagship smartphones. The company previously launched the OnePlus 11 along with the OnePlus 11R for the international market. Similarly, with the OnePlus 12, they are expected to follow the same pattern, with the Chinese market getting the Ace 2 Pro version of the phone.

Charging Speed Differences

The leaks suggest that there might be notable differences in the charging capabilities of the Ace 2 Pro and the 12R. The Ace 2 Pro is rumored to retain the impressive 150W SuperVOOC charging speed, similar to the one found in the OnePlus 10T (or first-gen Ace Pro). On the other hand, the 12R is said to come with the 100W counterpart, similar to what was seen in the OnePlus 11.

3C Certification Reveals Charging Technology

Digital Chat Station has revealed valuable information pertaining to the charging technology of the OnePlus Ace 2 Pro. The device, listed as OnePlus PJA110, has been registered with the 3C (China Compulsory Certification) authority. According to this registration, the device is equipped with 11V/13.7A charging technology. Such high voltage and current values indicate the presence of ultra-fast charging capabilities.

Possible Inclusion of VCBEJACH Power Brick

The leaks suggest that the OnePlus Ace 2 Pro might ship with the VCBEJACH power brick. This power brick is likely the same one used for the previous Ace Pro model. If this information is accurate, users can expect incredibly fast charging times, taking advantage of the full potential of the 150W SuperVOOC charging.

Discrepancy in RAM Specifications

Apart from the charging technology, the tipster also mentions the RAM specifications of both devices. The Ace 2 Pro is speculated to be OnePlus' first-ever smartphone featuring a massive 24GB of RAM. However, the 12R may not be so fortunate and could miss out on this impressive RAM capacity.

Release Timeline

The leaked information indicates that the OnePlus Ace 2 Pro will make its debut in the Chinese market very soon. However, global consumers might have to exercise some patience, as they may not get their hands on the device until 2024.


As excitement builds up for the launch of the OnePlus 12 series, leaks and rumors continue to pique the interest of tech enthusiasts worldwide. The possibility of the Ace 2 Pro, or the Chinese version of the 12R, featuring ultra-fast charging technology is certainly a compelling prospect. The disparity in charging speeds between the Ace 2 Pro and the 12R adds an interesting dimension to the upcoming OnePlus flagship devices.

Keep in mind that these are still rumors, and the actual specifications may vary from what has been leaked. OnePlus is known for pushing the boundaries of smartphone technology, and we can expect the OnePlus 12 series to offer an exceptional user experience regardless of the charging capabilities. As the launch date approaches, official announcements from OnePlus will shed more light on the actual specifications, and consumers can eagerly look forward to experiencing the next generation of Android smartphones.

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