OnePlus Open: A Folding Marvel or a Flimsy Flop? Leaked Details Raise Eyebrows!

OnePlus Open

As the world of smartphones continues to evolve, OnePlus, a renowned player in the industry, is all set to make a groundbreaking leap with its inaugural foldable smartphone, aptly named the "OnePlus Open." Anticipation has been high among tech enthusiasts as the company gears up for the official launch. In this article, we will delve into the latest leaks and rumors surrounding the OnePlus Open, revealing its launch date, global availability, and hardware specifications.

Launch Date and Global Availability

According to a reliable leaker, Max Jambor, the OnePlus Open is slated to make its grand debut on August 29. The exciting news is that unlike some of its competitors, such as the Xiaomi Mix Fold 3, OnePlus intends to make the OnePlus Open available worldwide, including in markets like the US. This global release approach underscores the company's commitment to reaching a wide audience of eager consumers. Additionally, it is expected that the OnePlus Open will launch under the moniker "OPPO Find N3" in China, further hinting at its global aspirations and potential synergies with other OPPO devices.

Hardware Credentials

While specific hardware details have been kept under wraps, some tidbits have emerged to tantalize tech enthusiasts. One of the standout features of the OnePlus Open is its camera setup. Reports suggest that the foldable will boast a 3x periscope zoom lens, housed within a massive camera module. This addition is likely to enhance the device's photography capabilities, allowing users to capture stunning images from a distance with excellent clarity and detail.

The OnePlus Open is rumored to have a sleek design, with an estimated thickness of approximately 11mm when folded. This slim profile demonstrates OnePlus's dedication to ensuring the device remains portable and convenient for daily use. As for the software, it is expected that the OnePlus Open will run on Oxygen OS 13.2 Fold, an optimized version of OnePlus's popular operating system tailored specifically for foldable devices. The integration of this customized OS should offer a seamless user experience and further enhance the device's overall performance.

Color Options and Pricing

The OnePlus Open is likely to be available in two distinct color options: Green and Black. The addition of color choices showcases OnePlus's focus on catering to individual preferences, allowing users to express their style through their smartphone selection.

As for pricing, concrete information has been scarce, but there are indications that the OnePlus Open's manufacturer's suggested retail price (MSRP) could be set around or below £1500. This price range puts the device in direct competition with other foldable smartphones in the market, making it an attractive option for those looking to embrace the latest cutting-edge technology without breaking the bank.

Comparisons with OPPO Find N2

The OnePlus Open's close resemblance to the OPPO Find N2 is worth noting, as both devices are believed to share the same aspect ratio. This similarity could indicate that OnePlus and OPPO have collaborated closely in the development of their respective devices, leveraging their technological expertise to produce devices with enhanced features and performance.


The impending launch of the OnePlus Open has generated significant excitement in the tech world. With its global availability, innovative hardware credentials, and well-designed software, the OnePlus Open is poised to make a bold statement in the foldable smartphone arena. While some specifics are yet to be unveiled, the leaks and rumors have provided an enticing glimpse of what's to come. As August 29 draws near, tech enthusiasts eagerly await the official announcement, eager to explore and experience OnePlus's new foray into the world of foldable technology.

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