OPPO A2: The Budget-Friendly Flagship Killer of 2023?


The world of Android smartphones is continuously evolving, with manufacturers vying to strike a balance between high-end aesthetics and mid-range specifications. The latest rumor surrounding OPPO's A series suggests that the upcoming A2 might be aiming for a more premium appeal with its flagship-like looks, while still maintaining mid-range specifications. This article will critically analyze the leaked information about the OPPO A2, discussing its potential strengths and weaknesses.

  1. Visual Upgrade: Flagship Looks

According to the leaks, OPPO's A2 is expected to undergo a considerable visual upgrade compared to its predecessors. It seems to be taking inspiration from OPPO's high-end Find X6 flagship series, particularly evident in its rear panel design. The inclusion of a centrally-mounted round rear camera hump is a notable departure from the traditional A series design language. This move indicates OPPO's attempt to emulate the premium aesthetics of flagship devices.

While a visual upgrade is appreciated, it remains to be seen if the actual build quality and materials used in the A2 match the flagship appeal it aims to achieve. If the device is not constructed with premium materials, the visual changes may be superficial and not translate into a genuine flagship-like experience.

  1. Display: On-trend OLED with Some Compromises

The leaks suggest that the A2 will sport a 6.7-inch OLED display with FHD+ resolution, promising vibrant colors and deeper blacks. However, the absence of any mention of a heightened refresh rate raises concerns. While a 2,160Hz PWM dimming feature is listed, a higher refresh rate (e.g., 90Hz or 120Hz) could significantly enhance the overall user experience, especially for gamers and multimedia enthusiasts.

Additionally, the inclusion of low-blue-light properties is a welcome feature to reduce eye strain during extended usage. However, the level of certification and effectiveness of this feature are yet to be confirmed.

The absence of a higher refresh rate in the display is disappointing, considering that many mid-range smartphones now offer such features. For users accustomed to smoother scrolling and more fluid animations, the A2's display may fall short in comparison to its competitors.

  1. Camera Capabilities: Flagship Appearance with a Decent Main Shooter

The OPPO A2's triple rear camera setup, with the main shooter at the helm, is expected to offer a "flagship appearance." While the specifics of the camera sensors and features are not yet available, the mention of flagship-like aesthetics raises expectations.

Criticism: The term "flagship appearance" is ambiguous and does not guarantee flagship-level camera performance. It is crucial for OPPO to back up the visual upgrade with substantial improvements in the camera capabilities. Otherwise, users might be left with a device that looks impressive on the outside but lacks the camera prowess to match.

  1. Battery Life: Impressive Capacity

One promising aspect of the leaked information is the A2's battery capacity, which is rumored to exceed the standard 5,000mAh spec. A larger battery can significantly improve the device's battery life and is particularly useful for users who heavily rely on their smartphones throughout the day.

While a larger battery is undoubtedly appealing, it is equally important for OPPO to optimize its software and hardware to ensure efficient power consumption. A high-capacity battery alone cannot guarantee exceptional battery life if the device is plagued with power-hungry features or inefficient software.

  1. Pricing: Balancing Cost and Features

According to Digital Chat Station, OPPO intends to offer the A2 at a price that would "not kill you offline." This indicates that the company aims to strike a balance between offering an appealing device with flagship looks and keeping it within an affordable price range.

The leaked information lacks specific details about the pricing of the A2, making it difficult to evaluate the device's true value proposition. If OPPO compromises heavily on the specifications to achieve an attractive price, it might lead to a subpar user experience that fails to justify the flagship-like appearance.


The rumored OPPO A2 presents an intriguing proposition by attempting to blend flagship aesthetics with mid-range specifications. However, it is essential to approach these leaks with caution, as the actual device might differ significantly from the rumors. OPPO must strike the right balance between visual appeal and functional performance to create a compelling offering in the competitive mid-range smartphone market. As always, it is advisable for consumers to wait for the official announcement and comprehensive reviews before making a purchase decision.

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