Sony's Xperia 5 V: Leaked Video Hints at Bold Camera Move!

Sony's Xperia 5 V

Sony's Xperia series has been a staple in the world of smartphones, known for its premium design, high-quality displays, and impressive camera capabilities. As rumors of the next-generation Xperia 5 V began to circulate, a leaked promotional video surfaced, offering a glimpse into the upcoming device's features. While the video's authenticity has not been officially confirmed, it does shed light on some significant changes Sony is making with the Xperia 5 V. In this article, we delve into the details of the leaked promotional video, discussing the absence of the telephoto camera and other notable features of the Xperia 5 V.

  1. Slimmer Design and Rear-Facing Cameras

If the leaked promotional video holds true, it appears that Sony is aiming to distinguish the Xperia 5 V from its predecessor, the Xperia 5 IV, by making it even sleeker. Notably, the Xperia 5 V features a slimmer profile with two rear-facing cameras instead of the three found on previous models. This raises questions about the missing telephoto camera, a feature that was present in the Xperia 5 IV.

  1. The Omission of Telephoto Camera

One of the most significant changes highlighted in the leaked video is the omission of the telephoto camera. The telephoto camera on the Xperia 5 IV offered users the ability to capture stunning close-up shots and achieve optical zoom, making it a valuable tool for photography enthusiasts. The absence of this feature on the Xperia 5 V may raise concerns among potential buyers who were fond of the telephoto capabilities on its predecessor.

  1. Combined Primary and Rear-Facing Cameras with ZEISS T* Coatings

To compensate for the missing telephoto camera, the Xperia 5 V will reportedly combine primary and rear-facing cameras. However, specific details about the resolution, sensor size, and other technical specifications for these cameras have not been leaked yet. It remains to be seen whether Sony has employed any innovative techniques to enhance camera performance, as seen with the telephoto camera on previous Xperia models.

Nevertheless, one aspect that Sony seems to retain in the Xperia 5 V is the inclusion of ZEISS T* coatings on the camera lenses. ZEISS T* coatings are known for their ability to minimize reflections and flare, resulting in sharper and more vibrant images. Users can expect the Xperia 5 V to continue delivering impressive image quality, even with the changes to its camera setup.

  1. Display and Design Elements

The promotional video suggests that Sony will maintain the Xperia 5 series' recognizable 21:9 aspect ratio. This aspect ratio has been praised for providing an immersive viewing experience when watching videos or playing games on the device. However, specific details about the display technology, resolution, and refresh rate have not been revealed yet.

In terms of design, the Xperia 5 V seems to follow its predecessors with a premium build and attention to detail. Notably, the video showcases a device without a punch-hole front-facing camera, which may indicate that Sony is sticking with its signature bezels or opting for an under-display camera technology to maintain a seamless front panel.

  1. Availability, Pricing, and Color Options

As of now, there is no official information regarding the Xperia 5 V's availability, pricing, or detailed specifications. However, based on Sony's previous release patterns, it is likely that the Xperia 5 V will debut in September, possibly during the IFA 2023 event in Berlin.

Furthermore, the promotional video hints at the Xperia 5 V being available in at least three color options, providing users with a choice to match their personal style preferences.


The leaked promotional video of the Sony Xperia 5 V has sparked interest among tech enthusiasts, offering a glimpse into the upcoming smartphone's features. While the omission of the telephoto camera may raise concerns for some users, the combination of primary and rear-facing cameras with ZEISS T* coatings promises to maintain Sony's reputation for excellent camera performance.

As we eagerly await official confirmation and more detailed specifications, it's clear that Sony continues to refine and innovate its Xperia series, aiming to offer users a unique and premium smartphone experience with the Xperia 5 V.

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