Huawei's 5G Resurgence: Nova 16 Ultra and Bluetooth 5.2

Nova 16 Ultra

Huawei, a prominent player in the smartphone industry, is showing signs of returning to the 5G smartphone market. Recent leaks suggest that the company has registered a series of new products, including smartphones, tablets, and smart-home hubs, with model numbers indicating modern mobile connectivity. While Huawei has maintained a focus on 4G-capable devices in recent times, these leaks hint at an impending launch of 5G devices under its Nova series and potentially even premium lines like P70 or Mate 60. The leaked information also sheds light on Huawei's potential collaboration with SMIC for advanced chipsets and the incorporation of Bluetooth 5.2 technology.

Huawei's Shift towards 5G

For several product generations, Huawei has predominantly offered 4G-capable smartphones, even excluding 5G capabilities from its flagship models. However, recent developments suggest a change in this strategy. Huawei's registration of various new products with model numbers associated with up-to-date mobile connectivity hints at an imminent return to the 5G smartphone market.

Leaked Product Information

The leaked information encompasses a range of products, including:

  • New MatePad-series tablets
  • Vision-series smart-home hubs
  • "Phones" with various model numbers

Several model numbers, such as ADY-AN00/TN00, HBN-AN00, and BLK-AN00/TN00, point towards premium lines like P70 or Mate 60. Interestingly, there are also clear references to Huawei's Nova-series devices, suggesting that the Nova 13 to 16 series could soon see both Pro and Ultra variants, each with 4G/LTE and 5G versions.

Possible Collaboration with SMIC

The leaked information raises questions about Huawei's potential collaboration with Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation (SMIC). Reports suggest that this collaboration could enable Huawei to source new 5G chipsets from SMIC's N+1 node. This advanced node, equivalent to a 7-nanometer (nm) process, could play a pivotal role in powering Huawei's upcoming 5G devices. The association with SMIC could signify a strategic move by Huawei to reduce its dependence on traditional chip suppliers.

Bluetooth 5.2 Integration

One notable detail from the leaked information is the association of Huawei's new "Phones" with Bluetooth 5.2 technology. This suggests that the upcoming devices will offer enhanced wireless connectivity and improved data transfer rates. Bluetooth 5.2, an iteration of the Bluetooth wireless communication standard, provides advantages such as increased bandwidth, improved stability, and enhanced audio quality. The integration of Bluetooth 5.2 underscores Huawei's commitment to delivering a comprehensive and modern user experience.

Global Availability and Future Outlook

Despite the promising developments, it is important to note that the leaked information primarily pertains to Huawei's activities within China. While Huawei's potential collaboration with SMIC and its renewed focus on 5G devices are significant steps, the availability of these devices in global markets remains uncertain. Geopolitical factors and regulatory challenges could impact Huawei's ability to launch these products outside of China.


Huawei's leaked information regarding the registration of new products with 5G capabilities, potential collaboration with SMIC, and integration of Bluetooth 5.2 technology signals a potential shift in the company's smartphone strategy. The possibility of offering 5G variants within the Nova series and premium lines could reposition Huawei in the competitive smartphone market. However, the ultimate success of these endeavors will depend on various factors, including global market dynamics and regulatory landscapes.

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