Lenovo Ideapad 1 82VG0091US: Power in Portability

Lenovo Ideapad 1 82VG0091US

The Lenovo Ideapad 1 82VG0091US is a versatile laptop that combines performance, portability, and advanced features. Powered by an AMD Athlon Silver processor, this laptop offers a range of capabilities that cater to various computing needs. In this in-depth technical analysis, we will explore its specifications, features, and overall performance.


The laptop features a 15.6-inch HD screen with a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels. The energy-efficient LED backlight enhances visual quality and contributes to longer battery life. While not a touch screen, the display provides a crisp and clear viewing experience for both work and entertainment.

CPU - AMD Athlon Silver 7120U Processor

The heart of the Ideapad 1 is its AMD Athlon Silver 7120U Processor. Operating at a base clock frequency of 3.5 gigahertz, this dual-core processor delivers snappy performance for everyday tasks, application launches, and entertainment activities. Its modern architecture ensures a smooth computing experience.

GPU - AMD Radeon Graphics

The laptop is equipped with integrated AMD Radeon Graphics. Sharing video memory, this graphics chipset offers solid image quality suitable for internet usage, movie streaming, basic photo editing, and casual gaming. While not designed for heavy gaming, it efficiently handles graphics-related tasks.

Lenovo Ideapad 1 82VG0091US

RAM - 4GB LPDDR5 System Memory

The Ideapad 1 features 4 gigabytes of LPDDR5 system memory. With a speed of 5500 megahertz, this memory ensures efficient multitasking and seamless operation of multiple applications and browser tabs. The high-bandwidth RAM contributes to the laptop's overall responsiveness.

Storage - 128GB NVMe SSD

For storage, the laptop boasts a 128GB Solid State Drive (SSD) with NVMe TLC technology. This storage solution not only accelerates file transfers but also enhances the laptop's overall performance. The SSD provides ample space for essential applications, data, and media files.


The Ideapad 1 offers diverse connectivity options. It includes an HDMI 1.4 output that expands display possibilities, allowing you to connect to an HDTV or high-definition monitor. Additionally, the laptop features multiple USB ports, including USB-A 2.0, USB-A 3.2, and USB-C 3.2 ports, catering to a wide range of peripheral connections. Wireless connectivity is achieved through Bluetooth and Wi-Fi 6 (AX), ensuring fast and reliable network access.

Battery and Dimensions

With a 3-cell lithium-ion polymer battery, the laptop provides up to 9 hours of battery life, making it suitable for on-the-go productivity and entertainment. The laptop weighs 3.48 pounds and measures a thin 0.70 inches, offering a lightweight and portable design that enhances convenience.

Lenovo Ideapad 1 82VG0091US

Operating System - Windows 11 Home in S Mode

The Ideapad 1 runs on Windows 11 Home in S Mode, which offers a secure and efficient computing environment. With fast boot times, increased responsiveness, and enhanced protection against phishing and malware, Windows 11 optimizes the laptop's performance and user experience.

Pros and Cons


  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Responsive AMD Athlon Silver processor
  • Energy-efficient LED-backlit HD display
  • Ample storage and high-bandwidth RAM
  • Diverse connectivity options, including Wi-Fi 6


  • Limited gaming capabilities due to integrated graphics
  • 4GB RAM may be insufficient for heavy multitasking
  • SSD capacity might be limited for users with extensive media libraries


The Lenovo Ideapad 1 82VG0091US offers a well-rounded computing experience, catering to various user needs. Its compact design, efficient processor, vibrant display, and essential connectivity options make it suitable for both work and entertainment. While not intended for high-end gaming or resource-intensive tasks, it excels as a portable companion for everyday computing tasks.

Specifications at a Glance:

  • Processor: AMD Athlon Silver 7120U (3.5GHz)
  • Graphics: AMD Radeon Graphics
  • Memory: 4GB LPDDR5 RAM
  • Storage: 128GB NVMe SSD
  • Display: 15.6-inch HD (1366 x 768)
  • Operating System: Windows 11 Home in S Mode
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi 6 (AX), Bluetooth, HDMI, USB-A, USB-C
  • Battery Life: Up to 9 hours
  • Weight: 3.48 pounds

Overall, the Ideapad 1 presents a balance of performance, portability, and features, making it a viable choice for users seeking a versatile laptop for their daily computing needs.

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