Pixel Watch 2: FCC Reveals New Features

Pixel Watch 2

The FCC Certification and Pixel Watch 2

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has recently unveiled preliminary documentation for what is strongly believed to be the upcoming Google Pixel Watch 2. This certification marks a significant milestone in the device's journey to its eventual release in the US market. Speculation is rife that the Pixel Watch 2's launch is synchronized with the release of Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro. Coincidentally, a leaked promotional video showcasing the Pixel 8 Pro and a feature named 'Audio Magic Eraser' has also recently surfaced.

Variant Offerings and Connectivity Options

Google seems to have meticulously crafted three distinct variants of the Pixel Watch 2, each catering to specific connectivity needs. The models identified in the documentation are as follows:

G4TSL - Bluetooth and Wi-Fi-only Variant

The G4TSL variant is tailored for users seeking core smartwatch functionalities, relying on Bluetooth and Wi-Fi for connectivity. This version targets a segment that predominantly interacts with their smartphones for data exchange.

GC3G8 - Regional Cellular Model

The GC3G8 variant, as suggested by its moniker, is likely designed as a regional cellular model. Its support for multiple LTE bands positions it as a strong contender for the US cellular market. Google might introduce GC3G8 to cater to other global markets.

GD2WG - Another Regional Cellular Model

The GD2WG model aligns with the theme of regional cellular connectivity, although specific details about its target markets and unique features remain undisclosed.

As observed by technology analysts, the absence of references to ultra-wide-band (UWB) support across all three models contradicts a prior leak. While initial prototypes might have included UWB, the FCC's documentation negates its presence. This omission potentially indicates that UWB integration might be deferred to a subsequent iteration of the Pixel Watch series.

New Watch Band Options

Within the FCC's documentation, intriguing details about the Pixel Watch 2's accessory options have emerged. Notably, the Pixel Watch 2 underwent testing with four different watch bands, offering insights into potential choices for users:

Mesh Mesh Watch Band

The documentation references the 'Mesh Mesh' watch band, which Google had revealed for the original Pixel Watch but never officially released. It remains uncertain whether this accessory will be made available for the Pixel Watch 2, raising questions about its compatibility and design.

Metal Mesh Watch Band

Another noteworthy inclusion is the 'Metal Mesh' watch band, a novel accessory that could enhance the aesthetics and comfort of the Pixel Watch 2. If introduced, this strap could offer consumers an alternative to the traditional proprietary watch bands.

Metal Slim Strap

Distinct from the aforementioned options, the 'Metal Slim Strap' is mentioned, leaving room for speculation about its design and intended user experience. This potential addition may diversify the Pixel Watch 2's accessory lineup.

While comprehensive details regarding pricing, availability, and visual depictions are still pending, a plethora of other Pixel Watch 2 features have already surfaced through leaks. Additionally, glimpses of official watch faces developed by Google have been unveiled, providing enthusiasts with a sneak peek into the upcoming wearable's user interface.

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