Switch 2 Leaks: Release & Price Buzz

Nintendo Switch 2

A recent social media post has claimed to reveal significant details about the highly anticipated Nintendo Switch 2, including its release date and price. However, these claims need to be carefully evaluated in light of official statements from Nintendo's leadership, particularly Shuntaro Furukawa, regarding the development of the successor to the wildly popular Nintendo Switch.

The Enigmatic Leaks

Attempting to predict the specifics of upcoming technology releases, often referred to as "leaks," has become a common occurrence in the tech world. In this case, an individual on platforms like Reddit and X (formerly known as Twitter) has persistently shared supposed inside information about the upcoming Nintendo Switch successor. These leaks have included not only the release date and price but also images of what is claimed to be the new console's Home Menu.

Claimed Release Date and Price

According to the leaker, the Nintendo Switch 2 is slated for release in October 2024, a date that has sparked the interest and anticipation of gamers worldwide. Additionally, the supposed price for the console is set at US$429.99. It's worth noting that this price point aligns suspiciously with a deleted Reddit post's claims about a premium edition "Nintendo Focus" priced at US$429.99 and a standard model at US$399.99.

Reliability of Leaks

While the leaked information might fuel excitement, skepticism is crucial when evaluating the authenticity of such claims. Images shared as part of the leaks, including the Home Menu screenshots, lack conclusive evidence linking them to the Nintendo Switch 2. The tech industry has witnessed numerous instances of fabricated leaks, often aimed at gaining attention or misleading the public.

Official Statements by Shuntaro Furukawa

Shuntaro Furukawa, the President of Nintendo, holds a pivotal role in shedding light on the company's future endeavors, including hardware development. In an interview with NHK, Furukawa addressed the speculation surrounding the Nintendo Switch successor. He refrained from providing specific details but affirmed that Nintendo is actively engaged in the development of various hardware projects.

Nintendo's Development Philosophy

Furukawa emphasized that Nintendo's approach to hardware development is not solely fixated on a specific technology. Instead, the company focuses on exploring and researching the latest technologies while considering how these advancements can transform the gaming experience. He stressed the importance of innovation, stating that Nintendo evaluates new technologies based on their potential to surprise and delight customers.

"Rather than simply pursuing the latest technology, what is very important to us is how the game itself will be transformed when we introduce a new technology," Furukawa explained. He added that when the company is convinced that adopting a certain technology will result in a refreshing and surprising gaming experience, they allocate more resources and research into it.


As the gaming community eagerly awaits the arrival of the Nintendo Switch 2, it's crucial to approach leaked information with caution. While claims of a specific release date and price can be exciting, they must be verified through official channels. Shuntaro Furukawa's insights into Nintendo's hardware development philosophy provide valuable context, highlighting the company's commitment to innovation and enhancing the gaming experience.

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