Galaxy S24 Ultra: Camera Shake-Up!

Galaxy S24 Ultra
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For Samsung enthusiasts, a recent rumor has sparked concerns and discussions. A well-known leaker has dropped hints that the highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra might be losing a crucial camera-related unique selling point.

Before we delve into the details of this rumor, let's grab your attention. If you're a Samsung fan or just curious about the latest in smartphone technology, this news could be significant. Keep reading to discover what's causing the buzz.

Insights into the Rumor

This potential development has set the tech world abuzz. According to the rumor mill, the Galaxy S24 Ultra could lose a critical feature that has set it apart from its rivals. While it's still uncertain if this will indeed happen, it's worth exploring what's at stake.

The Missing 10x Telephoto Camera

The focal point of this rumor is the 10x telephoto camera. With its 10-megapixel 1/3.52-inch sensor, this camera has excelled in delivering impressive pictures, especially in daylight. It became a unique selling point starting with the Galaxy S21 Ultra in 2021.

However, the leaker, known as Ice Universe, has dropped hints on multiple occasions that Samsung may be planning to omit this feature from the Galaxy S24 Ultra. The first hint surfaced on X, formerly known as Twitter, a few days ago. Although the post was later deleted, Ice Universe mentioned the need for more reliable information.

Reemergence of the Rumor

Recently, a corresponding tweet has resurfaced on the tipster's X timeline, once again emphasizing the potential absence of the 10x zoom camera in the Galaxy S24 Ultra. The big question that lingers is: What does Samsung plan to replace it with, if the rumor holds true?

What's Next for Samsung's Camera Technology?

If we assume the rumor is accurate, and the 10x telephoto camera does indeed vanish from the Galaxy S24 Ultra, it raises intriguing questions about Samsung's strategy. What could they have in store for their loyal customer base?

The Evolution of the 3x Telephoto Camera

One possible answer lies in the evolution of the 3x telephoto camera. Reports suggest that Samsung might replace it with a more modern 50-megapixel sensor. This upgrade could not only maintain the quality of zoomed images but also potentially enhance them, especially in low-light conditions.

Exploring the 5x Zoom Telephoto

With the potential 5x zoom telephoto, users could still enjoy versatile photography options. This could provide a balance between zoom capabilities and image quality, offering a well-rounded camera experience.

The Rise of 200-Megapixel Sensors

Another intriguing possibility is the adoption of 200-megapixel sensors. While this may not directly replace the 10x zoom, it could simulate a larger zoom range through cropping techniques, expanding the creative possibilities for smartphone photographers.


The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra's rumored loss of its 10x telephoto camera, if true, signifies a significant shift in Samsung's camera technology strategy. While it leaves room for uncertainty, it also opens doors to exciting possibilities in mobile photography.

As we await official announcements from Samsung, the tech world will undoubtedly keep a close eye on developments. Whether you're a Samsung enthusiast or simply intrigued by the ever-evolving world of smartphone technology, this rumor serves as a reminder that innovation in the tech industry never stands still.

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