GPD Win Mini: Gaming Powerhouse Unveiled!

GPD Win Mini

The gaming community's long-awaited GPD Win Mini is finally on the horizon. After much anticipation, the company has announced that the Win Mini will be available for order starting next week. This compact gaming handheld starts at an attractive price point of US$699, featuring the powerful AMD Ryzen 5 7640U APU, 16 GB of RAM, and a generous 512 GB SSD. But that's not all; GPD has also introduced a top-tier configuration with a whopping 64 GB of RAM and a capacious 2 TB SSD option.

GPD Win Mini Launch Date and Pricing

GPD has officially confirmed the launch date for the Win Mini on Indiegogo, which is approximately two weeks from now. This announcement follows the company's initial pricing revelation for this highly-anticipated compact gaming device. Initially, GPD revealed that the Win Mini would be available in three configurations:

  • Configuration 1: AMD Ryzen 5 7640U CPU, 16 GB RAM, 512 GB SSD, priced at US$699
  • Configuration 2: AMD Ryzen 7 7840U CPU, 32 GB RAM, 512 GB SSD, priced at US$869
  • Configuration 3: AMD Ryzen 7 7840U CPU, 32 GB RAM, 2 TB SSD, priced at US$999

However, in response to user demand, GPD has introduced a fourth and more powerful configuration. This upgraded version boasts an impressive 64 GB of RAM while retaining the capacious 2 TB SSD. During the launch, GPD will offer this high-end configuration at a special price of US$1,149, which is a 14% discount from its approximate retail price of US$1,349. This addition is especially noteworthy because the GPD Win Mini does not support RAM upgrades, making this top-tier configuration a must-have for performance enthusiasts.

GPD Win Mini Specifications

As for the technical specifications of the GPD Win Mini, it offers a range of features that are sure to delight gamers:

  • Display: The device boasts a 7-inch IPS display with a resolution of 1080p and a remarkable 120 Hz refresh rate.
  • Battery: The Win Mini is equipped with a 44.24 Wh battery, ensuring that you can enjoy extended gaming sessions without the need for frequent charging.
  • Storage Options: It features an M.2 2230 slot that supports storage configurations of 512 GB, 1 TB, or the high-end 2 TB PCIe 4.0 SSD, giving users ample storage space for their games and files.
  • Portability: The device is incredibly portable, weighing in at just 520 grams and measuring 168 x 109 x 26 mm, making it an ideal choice for gaming on the go.
  • Keyboard: Gamers will appreciate the backlit keyboard, which enhances the overall gaming experience.

These specifications make the GPD Win Mini a highly compelling option for gamers seeking a portable and powerful gaming handheld.

Indiegogo Campaign and Availability

If you're eager to get your hands on the GPD Win Mini, mark your calendar for September 5, when GPD will launch its Indiegogo campaign. The campaign will commence at 02:00 UTC on that day, giving gaming enthusiasts the opportunity to secure this exciting device. It's worth noting that September 5 also marks the availability of the larger AYANEO KUN on the same website, providing even more options for gamers looking for a premium gaming experience.

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