IFA 2023 Unveils HONOR V Purse: A Foldable Marvel


HONOR V Purse: The Latest in Foldable Concept Phones

Honor has introduced a groundbreaking foldable concept phone known as the HONOR V Purse at the IFA 2023 event. As the name suggests, this innovative device not only serves as a foldable phone but also doubles as a stylish purse, at least in terms of its appearance.

The Impressive Design

The HONOR V Purse boasts an outward foldable design that is truly remarkable in its slimness, measuring only a mere 9mm when folded. This remarkable thinness sets it apart from other devices in its category, including the Magic V2, another eye-catching offering that Honor showcased at the Berlin tech convention.

Phygital Fashion with HONOR V Purse

Honor has coined the term ‘phygital,’ which represents a fusion of physical and digital elements in fashion. The HONOR V Purse exemplifies this concept by incorporating a diverse range of strap designs along with interactive Always-On Display (AoD) styles.

Despite being a concept device, Honor has ambitious plans to make the platform for AoD designs accessible to the public. This move will enable developers from around the world to unleash their creativity and craft their unique interactive AoD designs.

In practical terms, this means that animations seamlessly synchronize with the user's actions and adapt to the environment, thanks to the device's ability to track touches and access data from the ambient light sensor and accelerometer.

Collaboration with Renowned Designers

For the creation of its AoD styles, the concept phone has enlisted a star-studded team of designers. This includes Bram Van Diepen, the director of menswear design at Burberry; contemporary artist Yunuene Esparza; Yuan Youmin, the dean of the China Academy of Art International College; and interdisciplinary artist Xiao Hui Wang.

Customization at Its Best

One of the remarkable features of the HONOR V Purse is its interchangeable straps and the availability of a wide array of always-on display designs. These displays are visible on both sides of the outward foldable phone, allowing users to effortlessly match the device with any outfit they choose to wear.

Durability Assured

While specific hardware details have been kept under wraps by the brand, one aspect is clear: the hinge on this foldable concept phone is built to withstand extensive use. Honor states that it can endure an impressive 400,000 fold cycles, ensuring its longevity.

A Familiar Resemblance

It's hard not to notice the striking similarity in design between the HONOR V Purse and the 2019 HUAWEI Mate X. Both devices share a common camera layout, featuring a moniker on the bottom left and a switch at the middle for unfolding the device.

However, this resemblance is far from coincidental. These two brands were once closely related as sister companies. They later made the strategic decision to go their separate ways, primarily to avoid entanglement in the US sanctions imposed on Huawei.

Breaking Design Conventions

As a concept phone, the HONOR V Purse challenges the prevailing design conventions of what we typically expect from a phone. Although it's not intended for mass production, it undoubtedly turns heads with its blend of fashionable physical and digital elements.

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