Mid-Range Androids to Get iPhone 15-Level Screens!


Visionox, a leading innovator in display technology, has made waves with its latest breakthrough in display design. This innovation promises to bring the kind of screen quality previously reserved for high-end devices like the iPhone 15 Pro to mid-range Android smartphones. In this article, we delve into the details of Visionox's groundbreaking display technology and its potential impact on the mobile device market.

The Visionox Display Revolution

Visionox has recently showcased a new display that challenges conventional design norms. Despite featuring rounded corners, this display manages to incorporate extra-thin bezels on at least three sides. This achievement is a significant step forward in display engineering and opens up new possibilities for smartphone design.

Advanced Refresh Rate and Dimming Specs

What sets Visionox's prototype display apart is not just its slim bezels but also its advanced refresh rate and dimming specifications. By leveraging the latest LTPO (Low-Temperature Polycrystalline Oxide) technology, this display can deliver a smoother viewing experience while conserving power.

IFA 2023 Debut

Enthusiasts and tech aficionados can expect to see this innovative display technology in action soon. It is rumored to debut in the successor to an Android smartphone, which is currently being showcased at the prestigious IFA 2023 event.

The Honor 90 and Beyond

At IFA 2023, the Honor 90 is drawing attention with its new Peacock Blue colorway. However, according to leaks from Digital Chat Station, the next generation of Honor devices may steal the spotlight with their advanced displays.

The leak suggests that Visionox has developed a prototype device with a display that could rival the Xiaomi 13 (or possibly 14) in terms of border size. This new display incorporates cutting-edge "0.8mm BM black border" technology, resulting in bezels with a thickness of just 1.5mm. Remarkably, these ultra-thin bezels seamlessly meet the device's corners, a design reminiscent of the upcoming iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max, as indicated by the latest rumors.

High-Performance Features

The excitement around this new panel doesn't end with its bezel innovations. Rumors also suggest that it will support both "DC-like" and PWM dimming technologies. The latter can achieve an astonishing 3,840Hz refresh rate, setting new standards for display performance. Additionally, the display is expected to integrate LTPO technology, enabling features like an always-on display, which has become a trend in modern smartphones. With a resolution of 1.5K, this panel is poised to deliver stunning visuals.

Debut in the Honor 100

As for its commercial debut, this revolutionary display is rumored to be a selling point in the upcoming Honor 100. One unique feature that might catch the eye of users is the off-center dual punch-hole design exhibited in Visionox's new concept device. This not only showcases the display's capabilities but also adds a distinctive aesthetic element to the smartphone.


Visionox's breakthrough in display technology signifies a major advancement in the smartphone industry. With its ultra-slim bezels, advanced refresh rate, and impressive dimming capabilities, this display has the potential to redefine the user experience on mid-range Android devices. As it makes its debut in the Honor 100, all eyes will be on how this innovative technology transforms the smartphone landscape.

Stay tuned for updates on Visionox's display technology and its integration into upcoming Android smartphones.

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