Nothing's Got Something: Phone (2) OS 2.0.3 Drops!

Phone (2) OS 2.0.3

Nothing is rolling out Nothing OS 2.0.3 to the Nothing Phone (2). Available to download now, Nothing OS 2.0.3 introduces several new features and bug fixes to the Nothing Phone (1) successor, including a Pocket Mode for turning off touch inputs when the Phone (2) is not in use.

Nothing has pushed another update to the Phone (2), shortly after the company issued Nothing OS 2.0.2a for its second smartphone. For reference, Nothing OS 2.0.2a brought dozens of improvements to the Phone (2), and just as many bug fixes. In comparison, Nothing OS 2.0.3 contains fewer changes than last month's build, the changelog for which we have embedded below.

Nonetheless, Nothing OS 2.0.3 is approximately a 100 MB over-the-air (OTA) download, making it about twice the size of Nothing OS 2.0.2a. According to Nothing, Nothing OS 2.0.3 focuses on improving its Glyph Interface by adding support for the Zomato app in Glyph Progress. Additionally, this month's update introduces a compass widget, a feature that relies upon the e-Compass inside the Phone (2).

Moreover, Nothing OS 2.0.3 adds a Pocket Mode, which appears to operate just as OnePlus' equivalent. Thus, the Phone (2) will warn you via a UI element when it is in Pocket Mode, during which all touch inputs are disabled. Furthermore, the new update for the Phone (2) also makes various other minor changes, including but not limited to improved haptic feedback, NFC stability and Bluetooth connection stability. Please see our Phone (2) review for our thoughts on Nothing's second smartphone and how it differs from the Phone (1).

Nothing Phone (2) OS 2.0.3 Update Details

Let's dive deeper into the details of Nothing OS 2.0.3 and what it brings to the Nothing Phone (2).

Pocket Mode

One of the key highlights of the Nothing OS 2.0.3 update is the introduction of Pocket Mode. This feature, similar to what OnePlus offers, enhances user experience by disabling touch inputs when the Phone (2) is in your pocket. A UI element will alert you when Pocket Mode is active, preventing accidental touches and interactions.

Glyph Interface Improvements

Nothing OS 2.0.3 focuses on refining the Glyph Interface. Notably, it adds support for the Zomato app in Glyph Progress. This enhancement expands the usability of the Glyph Interface, making it more versatile for users who rely on various applications in their daily routines.

Compass Widget

The latest update also introduces a compass widget, utilizing the built-in e-Compass of the Phone (2). This widget can be handy for outdoor enthusiasts, hikers, or anyone who requires directional assistance on the go.

Other Minor Changes

In addition to the major features mentioned above, Nothing OS 2.0.3 includes several minor improvements. These include enhanced haptic feedback, improved NFC stability, and increased Bluetooth connection stability. These optimizations contribute to an overall smoother and more reliable user experience on the Phone (2).


With the release of Nothing OS 2.0.3, Nothing continues to enhance the user experience on the Phone (2). The addition of Pocket Mode, improvements to the Glyph Interface, and the introduction of the compass widget make this update a noteworthy one for Phone (2) users. As always, Nothing is committed to delivering regular updates and improvements to its devices, ensuring that users get the most out of their smartphones.

For more in-depth information about the Nothing Phone (2) and how it differs from its predecessor, the Phone (1), be sure to check out our comprehensive Phone (2) review.


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