PS5 Pro Dev Kits: Major Studios Buzz

PS5 Pro Dev Kits

There's a buzz in the gaming world as rumors suggest that major game studios closely affiliated with Sony have received PlayStation 5 Pro dev kits. The anticipation is building for the potential release of the PlayStation 5 Pro in 2024, and it comes with expectations of being associated with the title of the "world's most powerful console."

The Leak from Im A Hero Too

A substantial gaming-related leak, courtesy of Im A Hero Too, recently surfaced. While it contained intriguing details about various gaming topics, it also shed light on the future of the PlayStation 5 family. Amid the discussions about the so-called PS5 Slim, which currently appears to be a slimmer variant of the existing PS5, there's another detail that's captured the attention of gamers and developers alike.

Square has new PS5 devkits, we're assuming these are the 'Pro'.

It's a reasonable assumption that any new PS5 dev kit would be intended for a Pro model. Sony is unlikely to distribute dev kits for minor revisions of an already existing unit. This indicates that developers are working with a completely new piece of equipment within this console generation - the PS5 Pro. Additionally, the source mentions that Square, known for its pivotal role in the Final Fantasy series, possesses one of these alleged PS5 Pro dev kits.

PS5 Pro and Game Titles

Interestingly, the connection between the PS5 Pro and major game titles doesn't end with Final Fantasy. Reports have hinted at the possibility of a PS5 Pro bundle in development, and it's none other than GTA 6 that's associated with it. The PS5 Pro's release date is expected to fall in the latter half of 2024, aligning with the speculated launch window for GTA 6.

The World's Most Powerful Console?

Some outlets have already begun touting the PlayStation 5 Pro as the "world's most powerful console." However, it's important to note that this is not an official claim, as Sony has remained tight-lipped about such a console. Nonetheless, enthusiasts and gamers alike are hoping for a gaming experience that consistently delivers 4K resolution at 60 frames per second, enhanced ray-tracing capabilities, support for 8K output, all while keeping the price tag under the $500 mark.

What to Expect from the PS5 Pro

The anticipation surrounding the PlayStation 5 Pro is palpable. Gamers are eager to delve into the details of what this potential powerhouse of a console might offer. While official information from Sony is scarce, we can speculate based on industry trends and the evolving needs of gamers.

Performance and Resolution

If the PS5 Pro lives up to its rumored specifications, it could revolutionize gaming. The promise of consistently delivering games at 4K resolution and 60 frames per second is a tantalizing prospect. This level of performance would bring a new level of immersion to gaming, ensuring that every detail is crisp and every motion is smooth.

Ray-Tracing Capabilities

Ray-tracing, a technology that simulates the way light interacts with objects in a virtual environment, has been a game-changer in recent years. If the PS5 Pro indeed boasts improved ray-tracing capabilities, it could elevate graphics to an astonishingly realistic level. Gamers can expect stunning reflections, shadows, and lighting effects that add depth and realism to their favorite titles.

8K Output

While 4K gaming is still gaining widespread adoption, the possibility of 8K output is an exciting proposition. The PS5 Pro might future-proof gaming setups, providing stunningly sharp visuals for those with cutting-edge displays. However, it's essential to note that 8K gaming would require significant hardware power, and not all titles may fully harness this capability.


The gaming community is also eager to learn about the price point of the PS5 Pro. If it indeed manages to offer such high-end performance and features at a price tag of under $500, it could become an attractive proposition for a wide range of gamers.


As rumors and leaks continue to swirl around the PlayStation 5 Pro, the gaming world is on the edge of their seats. The prospect of a console that pushes the boundaries of gaming performance and realism is enticing. Gamers and developers alike are looking forward to official announcements from Sony, hoping that the PlayStation 5 Pro will deliver on these exciting promises.

With the potential for major game titles like GTA 6 to be part of the PS5 Pro's journey, it's clear that this console could shape the future of gaming in remarkable ways. As we approach 2024, all eyes are on Sony to unveil the next chapter in the PlayStation legacy.

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