Samsung Watch6: Band Blunders Surface

Samsung Watch6

Samsung has recently launched the Galaxy Watch6 and Galaxy Watch6 Classic, both equipped with innovative quick-release watch bands. However, as Galaxy Watch6 owners start to use these bands, reports of problems with the new connector have begun to surface.

The New Quick-Change System

While the Galaxy Watch6 series may appear to be an iterative change over its predecessor, Samsung introduced a new quick-change system for watch bands that has largely gone under the radar. In theory, this new system is rather clever, offering compatibility with existing models.

Unlike traditional quick-release watch bands that use a pin system, Samsung's new watch band system incorporates a button. This design choice is reminiscent of Apple's system, albeit with larger buttons that are intended to be more user-friendly. However, it seems that the placement of these buttons is causing problems for some Galaxy Watch6 owners, and even resulted in an outright failure for well-known YouTuber Mr. Mobile.

Unlike Apple, which positions its release buttons on the smartwatch itself, Samsung has placed them within the watch straps. Unfortunately, this design decision has led to issues where pressure applied by wrist bones can inadvertently cause the watch bands to detach.

At present, the number of reports of watch bands failing is relatively low. However, Mr. Mobile highlights a significant issue with his Galaxy Watch6 Classic unit, which not only experienced band detachment but also refused to accept new watch bands after the failure.

Understanding the Galaxy Watch6 Band Connector

To comprehend the reported problems fully, it's essential to delve into the details of Samsung's new watch band connector system. This connector system was introduced as a solution for quick and convenient band replacement while retaining compatibility with earlier models.

The main component of this connector is a button, a departure from the traditional pin system commonly used in quick-release watch bands. Samsung's button, while similar in concept to Apple's, distinguishes itself with its larger size. The intent behind this design is to make it easier for users to engage the button and swap out their watch bands.

The Issue: Button Placement

Despite the promising design, the placement of Samsung's button has raised concerns among some Galaxy Watch6 users. This button is located within the watch straps themselves, rather than on the smartwatch's body, as is the case with Apple's smartwatches.

This placement decision, while innovative in its approach, has had unintended consequences. Specifically, it has led to problems related to the pressure exerted by wrist bones during everyday wear. Some users have reported that this pressure can cause the watch bands to detach unexpectedly.

Reports of Detachment

It's important to note that, as of now, the number of reports regarding watch band detachment remains relatively low. However, the severity of this issue was highlighted by Mr. Mobile's experience. His Galaxy Watch6 Classic not only suffered from band detachment but also faced a more concerning problem - it refused to accept new watch bands after the failure.


The introduction of the quick-release watch band system in the Samsung Galaxy Watch6 series promised a convenient and user-friendly experience. While many users have not encountered any issues, some have reported problems related to the placement of the release button within the watch straps. It's crucial for Samsung to address these concerns promptly to ensure a trouble-free experience for all Galaxy Watch6 owners.

As more users provide feedback and as Samsung continues to gather data on this issue, we can hope for solutions, such as improved button placement or design modifications, to prevent watch band detachment. In the meantime, Galaxy Watch6 owners are encouraged to handle their devices with care, especially when changing watch bands, to avoid any potential issues.

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