AYANEO Pocket Air: Power in Your Hands

AYANEO Pocket Air

The eagerly awaited AYANEO Pocket Air gaming handheld, powered by MediaTek Dimensity 1200, is now reaching the hands of its backers after a highly successful Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign. In this article, we will delve into the details of this exciting Android-driven gaming console, its hardware specifications, and the availability for tech enthusiasts.

AYANEO Pocket Air: A Game Changer in Handheld Gaming

AYANEO, a familiar name to tech enthusiasts, has introduced its first Android-driven gaming handheld, the Pocket Air. This gaming device represents a significant milestone for AYANEO as it ventures into the competitive gaming console market.

One distinctive feature that sets the Pocket Air apart is its use of MediaTek Dimensity 1200, a powerful chipset known for its gaming capabilities. While Android 12 serves as the operating system, users should note that AYASpace and AYAHome are integrated on top, offering a unique experience.

The Hardware Powerhouse

When it comes to hardware, the AYANEO Pocket Air packs a punch. It boasts LPDDR5 memory and offers a choice of UFS 3.1 storage configurations, including 6/128 GB, 8/256 GB, and a whopping 12/512 GB. This ample storage ensures that gamers can store their favorite titles and media without compromise.

The device is equipped with a substantial 7,350 mAh battery, ensuring long hours of uninterrupted gaming. Connectivity options are top-notch with USB 3.2 Gen2 Type-C support, a convenient fingerprint reader, and a stunning 5.5-inch FHD AMOLED screen featuring a 60 Hz refresh rate for smooth visuals.

Control and precision are paramount in gaming, and the AYANEO Pocket Air delivers on this front. It incorporates hall-sensing joysticks and hall triggers, along with dual six-axis gyros and a responsive x-axis linear motor for immersive gameplay. Additionally, the device offers support for essential wireless technologies, including LTE, Bluetooth 5.2, and WiFi 6E.

Indiegogo Campaign Success

The AYANEO Pocket Air generated significant buzz on Indiegogo, with early bird offerings quickly selling out, comprising 100 units of each storage configuration mentioned earlier. As of now, with just six days left in the crowdfunding campaign, interested buyers can still secure units at retail prices ranging from US$299 to US$459, a slight increase from the early bird prices.

AYANEO has provided a clear timeline for shipping. The first batch of Pocket Air units to be shipped includes the high-end 12/512 GB models, followed by the 6/128 GB and 8/256 GB configurations after October 8. Shipments commenced at the end of the previous week, and backers eagerly anticipate receiving their Pocket Air gaming handhelds in the coming days.


The AYANEO Pocket Air gaming handheld represents a remarkable addition to the world of Android-driven gaming consoles. With its powerful hardware, unique software integration, and competitive pricing, it has garnered significant attention and support from the tech community. As the first units start shipping, gaming enthusiasts can look forward to an exciting new era of handheld gaming.

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