Swollen Batteries & Scratched Screens: iPhone 15 Pro Blues

Swollen Batteries & Scratched Screens: iPhone 15 Pro Blues
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Apple's latest flagship offering, the iPhone 15 Pro series, was anticipated with great enthusiasm, especially with the introduction of first-gen titanium frames. However, the reception it has received from early adopters is far from pristine. This article delves into the build quality concerns and the emerging issue of swollen batteries that are casting shadows on the iPhone 15 Pro's reputation.

Quality Assurance Challenges

Despite the touted upgrade that promises a premium user experience, a growing number of early adopters are facing unexpected challenges. One such user reported a troubling issue with their iPhone 15 Pro unit—a distended battery, which occurred in less than a week of use.

This incident raises questions about the device's build quality and durability, even with the incorporation of first-gen titanium frames. While the release of the first-gen titanium iPhone in 2023 marked a significant milestone for Apple, it appears that this material might not be the ultimate solution for ensuring mobile device longevity, as initially implied during its introduction.

Analyzing Build Quality

To gain deeper insights into the iPhone 15 Pro's build quality and durability, a comprehensive analysis was conducted. This analysis includes a thorough examination of the device's new PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) coating, performed under the scrutiny of experts at iFixit.

The PVD coating, which is designed to enhance the device's appearance and resilience, came under rigorous scrutiny. The results of this analysis shed light on whether the iPhone 15 Pro lives up to the promises made during its introduction.

Display and Camera Issues

While Apple's promotional material touted that the iPhone 15 Pro would look better than ever out of the box, it appears that this advantage has not been realized by a subset of users. Reports have emerged of devices with display misalignment, dirt on the camera lenses, scratches on the screen, and signs of damage in various areas.

Majin Buu, a prominent leaker in the tech community, has curated reports from multiple markets about these issues. This raises concerns about the quality control processes in place for the iPhone 15 Pro series.

Swollen Battery Incidents

Adding to the list of concerns, another user on Reddit, u/Leather_Cheerio_402, shared their unfortunate experience. They claimed to have acquired the iPhone 15 Pro on Monday, September 25, 2023, only to discover signs of a swollen battery just a few days later.

While these incidents are currently isolated, they have gained significant attention. Apple's commitment to presenting the iPhone 15 Pro series as the pinnacle of their product line has placed these issues under a spotlight. The impact on the device's reputation and Apple's ability to set design trends in the smartphone industry remains to be seen.


In conclusion, the iPhone 15 Pro series, despite its promise of premium quality and durability, is facing a range of issues that have raised concerns among early adopters. From build quality questions to reports of swollen batteries and display problems, these challenges are a departure from the seamless experience Apple aims to provide.

While it's essential to acknowledge that these incidents are not widespread, they highlight the need for further scrutiny and quality control in the production process. As Apple addresses these issues, users and enthusiasts will be closely watching to see if the iPhone 15 Pro series can live up to its potential as a design trendsetter in the smartphone industry.

Stay tuned for updates on this developing story as we track Apple's response to these challenges and the impact they may have on the iPhone 15 Pro's reputation in the market.

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