Dell Latitude NKJW4 Laptop Review

Dell Latitude NKJW4

When it comes to laptops, Dell has a longstanding reputation for producing quality machines. The Dell Latitude NKJW4 is no exception. This laptop combines innovation, power, and sustainability to provide an exceptional computing experience.

CPU - Intel 13th Gen Core i7

The heart of any laptop is its processor, and the Dell Latitude NKJW4 is equipped with the 13th Gen Intel Core i7-1370P processor. With a smart Tetradeca-core design (14 cores), this CPU offers outstanding processing performance. The Intel Turbo Boost Technology ensures that you get dynamic extra power when you need it while optimizing energy efficiency during idle times.

Graphics Processor - Intel Iris Xe

For everyday tasks such as office work, web browsing, video streaming, and even some light gaming, the integrated Intel Iris Xe graphics provide a smooth experience. While not a gaming powerhouse, it's more than capable of handling your daily graphical needs.

Display - 14" Full HD (1920 x 1080)

The 14-inch display of the Dell Latitude NKJW4 features IPS technology, offering wide viewing angles and impressive color and clarity at a Full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080. Whether you're working on a presentation or enjoying a movie, the display doesn't disappoint.

Dell Latitude NKJW4

RAM - 16 GB DDR5

Multitasking is a breeze with 16 GB of high-bandwidth DDR5 RAM. You can smoothly run graphics-intensive applications, PC games, and numerous browser tabs simultaneously without experiencing any slowdowns. This laptop ensures you have the memory you need for demanding tasks.

Storage - 256 GB SSD

The 256 GB solid-state drive (SSD) provides ample storage while offering the advantages of faster boot times, quiet operation, and reduced power consumption. It may have less storage space compared to traditional hard drives, but the speed and efficiency gains more than compensate for that.

Design and Portability

The Dell Latitude NKJW4 is designed for portability, measuring just 0.75" thin and weighing a mere 3 pounds. It's a lightweight and slim machine that you can easily carry with you on the go. The omission of a DVD/CD drive further enhances its portability.


The laptop offers various connectivity options, including 2 x Thunderbolt 4 and 1 x HDMI, allowing you to connect to external displays and peripherals with ease. With support for Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax), you can experience blazing fast wireless speeds and improved responsiveness for multiple devices.

Operating System - Windows 11 Pro

The Dell Latitude NKJW4 comes with Windows 11 Pro, which offers a user-friendly interface with new features like a taskbar that turns into a dock, a glass-like desktop, old widgets, and convenient snap layouts. Windows 11 Pro enhances the overall user experience.

Battery Life and Power

This laptop features a 3-cell battery, which, combined with the power-efficient components, provides a long battery life. Additionally, it supports ExpressCharge, ensuring you can quickly recharge the laptop when needed, reducing your reliance on a power outlet.

Dell Latitude NKJW4

Security Features

Data security is paramount, and the Latitude NKJW4 doesn't disappoint. It includes features like fingerprint readers, contacted and contactless smart card readers, and lock slot options to safeguard your data. These features help prevent unauthorized access and protect your system from malicious activities.

Dimensions and Build

The laptop's dimensions are as follows: 0.75" in height, 12 7/10" in width, 8 3/10" in depth, and it weighs 3 pounds. The sleek and portable design makes it an excellent choice for professionals on the move.

Price and Availability

The Dell Latitude NKJW4 is competitively priced, considering the powerful hardware and premium features it offers. It's available in the market as of 2023, making it an attractive option for those in need of a high-performance laptop.


  • Powerful Intel Core i7 processor
  • Fast and responsive SSD storage
  • Ample 16 GB of DDR5 RAM for multitasking
  • Portable and lightweight design
  • Impressive 14-inch Full HD IPS display
  • Enhanced security features


  • Integrated graphics may not be suitable for demanding gaming
  • Limited storage space for users with extensive data needs
  • While lightweight, some users may prefer even smaller and more portable laptops

Overall, the Dell Latitude NKJW4 is a well-rounded laptop that offers powerful performance, portability, and an impressive display. Its competitive price point and robust security features make it an appealing choice for business professionals and anyone in need of a reliable and efficient laptop.

Price: $1,549.99

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