Vivo X100 and X100 Pro: Unveiling Flagship Power

Vivo X100 and X100 Pro

The smartphone arena welcomes a new contender as Vivo launches its latest flagship duo – the X100 and X100 Pro. Armed with cutting-edge technology, these devices aim to go head-to-head with the competition, including the formidable Snapdragon 8 Gen 3, thanks to the powerful MediaTek Dimensity 9300 chipset and LPDDR5T RAM.

Vivo enthusiasts have been eagerly anticipating the release of the X100 series, and the wait is finally over. Boasting an impressive array of features, these smartphones promise to redefine the flagship experience. Let's delve into the details that make the Vivo X100 and X100 Pro stand out.

Vivo doesn't just stop at performance; it's all about aesthetics too. The X100 and X100 Pro are offered in four captivating color options, ensuring that users can choose a device that matches their style. This attention to detail sets the stage for an immersive and personalized smartphone experience.

As the X100 series hits the shelves, consumers are presented with two compelling choices. Both devices share the same hardware foundation, featuring the groundbreaking Dimensity 9300 chipset by MediaTek. The inclusion of LPDDR5T RAM further enhances the performance, ensuring smooth multitasking and responsiveness.

While the X100 and X100 Pro share core specifications, Vivo has strategically differentiated them to cater to varying user preferences. The X100 Pro, in particular, shines with superior camera capabilities, promising an unparalleled photography and videography experience.

Let's dissect the key specifications that make the Vivo X100 series a force to be reckoned with.

Display Excellence

Both the X100 and X100 Pro feature LTPO AMOLED displays, generously measuring 6.78 inches. With a resolution of 1,260 x 2,800 pixels, a 120 Hz refresh rate, and a peak brightness of 3,000 nits, these displays ensure a visually stunning and responsive user experience.

Camera Prowess

The camera setup on both devices includes identical 32 MP front-facing and 50 MP ultra-wide-angle cameras. The latter boasts a 119˚ field of view, providing users with the tools to capture expansive and detailed shots. However, the X100 and X100 Pro diverge in their exclusive camera hardware.

Vivo X100 Exclusive Hardware

  • 50 MP, f/1.6, 1/1.49-inch primary camera
  • 64 MP, f/2.6, 70 mm, 1/2.0-inch, 3x optical telephoto camera
  • Maximum 4K video recordings
  • USB 2.0 Type-C port
  • 4,880 mAh or 5,000 mAh battery
  • 120 W wired charging (1-50% in 11 minutes), no wireless charging

Vivo X100 Pro Exclusive Hardware

  • 50 MP, f/1.8, 1/0.98-inch primary camera
  • 50 MP, f/2.5, 100 mm, 1/2-inch, 4.3x optical periscope telephoto camera
  • Maximum 8K video recordings
  • USB 3.2 Type-C port
  • 5,260 mAh or 5,400 mAh battery
  • 100 W wired (1-50% in 12 minutes), 50 W wireless charging

Performance and Storage

Beneath the sleek exteriors, both devices are powered by the MediaTek Dimensity 9300 chipset, ensuring a seamless and powerful performance. The inclusion of LPDDR5T RAM and UFS 4.0 flash storage further elevates the user experience, with the X100 series being the first to adopt this cutting-edge RAM type boasting 9.6 Gbps peak transfer speeds.

Pricing and Availability

For those eager to get their hands on the Vivo X100 series, the starting price for the X100 is CNY 3,999 (~US$549), offering 12 GB of RAM and 256 GB of storage. Vivo provides options for additional memory configurations, with the top-tier device reaching CNY 5,099 (~US$700) for 16 GB of RAM and 1 TB of storage.

Meanwhile, the X100 Pro is priced starting at CNY 4,999 (~US$686), with variations reaching up to CNY 5,999 (~US$824) for the same memory configurations. Unfortunately, global availability remains unconfirmed at this point, leaving international enthusiasts eagerly awaiting an official statement from Vivo.

Not to be forgotten, Vivo Watch 3 is also in the spotlight, adding another layer of excitement to the company's latest product lineup.


The Vivo X100 series marks a significant leap forward in smartphone technology, combining powerful hardware, exceptional camera capabilities, and a sleek design. Whether you opt for the X100 or X100 Pro, Vivo promises a flagship experience that competes with the best in the market. Stay tuned for updates on global availability, and in the meantime, explore the possibilities offered by the Vivo X100 series and Vivo Watch 3.

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