ChatGPT, Character AI, and Google Bard stand out as prominent leaders in the worldwide AI domain.


The overall AI industry witnessed remarkable growth, with an average of 2 billion visits per month over the past year. This upward trajectory accelerated in the last six months, reaching a peak of 3.3 billion visits.

The surge in AI industry visits indicates a growing interest in artificial intelligence, reflecting its increasing importance in various domains.

A recent study conducted by Writerbuddy, analyzing usage trends of the top 50 artificial intelligence (AI) tools, has revealed that OpenAI's ChatGPT emerged as the most popular, constituting a staggering 60% of traffic visits between September 2022 and August 2023. The comprehensive study, which delved into data from various AI tool directories and assessed over 3,000 tools, highlighted the extraordinary growth in the utilization of generative AI tools during this period.

ChatGPT's dominance underscores the impact of OpenAI's technology, showcasing its widespread adoption and trust among users.

The study, utilizing SEMrush, a leading SEO tool, focused on the top 50 most visited AI tools, encapsulating more than 80% of the industry's traffic during the study period. The data disclosed a noteworthy growth rate of 10.7 times, translating to an average monthly increase of 236.3 million visits. Notably, the AI industry observed a monthly average of 2 billion visits over the past year, spiking to 3.3 billion in the last six months.

The utilization of SEMrush demonstrates the industry's commitment to leveraging SEO tools for comprehensive analyses, providing insights into the AI landscape's rapid evolution.

The top 50 AI tools collectively garnered over 24 billion visits, with ChatGPT alone amassing an impressive 14 billion visits. This surge in interest in AI tools is evidenced by an average monthly growth of 236.3 million visits, marking a substantial uptick in the AI industry's overall engagement.

The sheer volume of visits to AI tools, especially ChatGPT, indicates a significant demand for AI-powered solutions, potentially reflecting their integration into various workflows.

Key Findings

Key findings also revealed a geographical distribution of traffic, with the United States contributing 5.5 billion visits, constituting 22.62% of the total, while European countries collectively accounted for 3.9 billion visits. AI chatbot tools emerged as the most popular, amassing a substantial 19.1 billion visits. Additionally, over 63% of AI tool users accessed these tools via mobile devices. Gender-wise, the data showed a notable disparity, with 69.5% male users compared to 30.5% female users.

The global distribution of AI tool usage reflects the technology's universal appeal, with a diverse user base and varied preferences across regions.

Top Gainers

  1. ChatGPT (Net Growth: 1.8B Visits)
  2. Character AI (Net Growth: 463.4M Visits)
  3. Google Bard (Net Growth: 68M Visits)

The significant growth of ChatGPT, Character AI, and Google Bard emphasizes their effectiveness and popularity among users, positioning them as leaders in the AI landscape.

Top Losers

  1. Craiyon (Net Loss: 15M Visits)
  2. MidJourney (Net Loss: 8.66M Visits)
  3. Quillbot (Net Loss: 5M Visits)

The decline in visits for Craiyon, MidJourney, and Quillbot suggests a competitive landscape where user preferences and tool effectiveness play crucial roles in sustaining popularity.

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