Anbernic RG35XX H: Unveiling Release Date, Pricing, and Complete Specifications

Anbernic RG35XX H

Anbernic, a prominent name in the world of retro gaming, has recently unveiled comprehensive details about its latest creation - the Anbernic RG35XX H. Set to hit the market later this week, this handheld gaming device boasts an intriguing blend of nostalgic design and modern features. Available in three distinct color options and with two memory configurations, the RG35XX H is poised to capture the attention of retro gaming enthusiasts.

This new release follows closely on the heels of the RG35XX Plus, with the 'H' in its name signifying a shift to a horizontal layout. Traditionally, the RG35XX series has been exclusively available in a vertical form factor. The decision to introduce a horizontal design adds a refreshing twist to the lineup, catering to different preferences among gaming aficionados.

At the heart of the RG35XX H is a 3.5-inch IPS display, providing vibrant visuals that complement the retro gaming experience. Driving the device is the Allwinner H700 chipset, promising smooth performance and efficient power utilization. The inclusion of 1 GB of LPDDR4 RAM enhances multitasking capabilities, ensuring a seamless gaming experience for users.

One notable feature of the RG35XX H is its twin microSD card readers, allowing users to expand storage for their favorite games. The device comes equipped with a 3,300 mAh battery, a component crucial for prolonged gaming sessions. The Phawx, a notable tech reviewer, has demonstrated that the battery can last approximately 8 hours when emulating PS1 games, making it a reliable companion for on-the-go gaming.

Connectivity options abound in the RG35XX H. Anbernic has incorporated Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capabilities, enabling multiplayer gameplay and compatibility with wireless controllers. Additionally, the inclusion of HDMI connectivity allows users to connect the device to an external monitor, expanding the gaming experience beyond the confines of the handheld screen.

Launch Details

The much-anticipated launch of the RG35XX H is scheduled for January 5 at 08:00 UTC. Prospective buyers can choose from an array of enticing options. The base model, priced at $62.99, includes a 64 GB microSD card and is available in black, purple, and white transparent finishes. For those craving more storage, Anbernic offers a variant with a secondary 128 GB microSD card for $77.99.

It's worth noting that all SKUs are expected to see a modest price increase of $5 after an unspecified initial period. Potential buyers are encouraged to visit Anbernic's official website for more detailed information and any updates on pricing.

Compatibility and Future Developments

One intriguing aspect of the RG35XX H is its eventual compatibility with GarlicOS. While details about this integration are still emerging, the prospect of a dedicated operating system tailored for retro gaming enthusiasts adds an extra layer of excitement to the device. GarlicOS could potentially enhance the user interface, provide additional features, and optimize performance for a more enjoyable gaming experience.

As the gaming community eagerly awaits the release of the RG35XX H, Anbernic has positioned itself as a key player in the retro gaming market. The company's commitment to innovation and responsiveness to user feedback is evident in the continuous evolution of its product lineup.

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