Galaxy A35 5G: A Glimpse into the Future of Mid-Range Smartphones

Galaxy A35 5G

The technology world is abuzz with excitement as the successor to the Galaxy A34 5G, the Samsung Galaxy A35 5G, makes an unofficial appearance on Geekbench, showcasing remarkable performance gains over its predecessor. Despite Samsung keeping mum on official details, the benchmark leak, coupled with earlier render images by @OnLeaks and MySmartPrice, gives enthusiasts a sneak peek into what the new Galaxy A35 5G has to offer.

Design Changes and Benchmark Listings

The Galaxy A35 5G, portrayed in render images by @OnLeaks and MySmartPrice, exhibits a series of design changes compared to its predecessor. These images, complemented by benchmark listings on Geekbench, not only provide a visual treat but also offer insights into the device's technical capabilities.

The Galaxy A35 5G is said to feature a few design changes from its predecessor. (Image source: @OnLeaks & MySmartPrice)

Examining the benchmark listings, we find the model number 'SM-A356U,' a clear indication of the Galaxy A35 5G. The standout feature is the new System on Chip (SoC), housing an octa-core CPU divided into two clusters clocked at 2 GHz and 2.4 GHz. While the specific chipset remains unnamed, the core configuration and clock speeds align with the Exynos 1380, a 5 nm SoC previously featured in devices like the Galaxy A54 5G, Galaxy Tab S9 FE, and Galaxy Tab S9 FE Plus.

Performance Boost with Exynos 1380

The real star of the show is the Exynos 1380 chipset, a significant upgrade over its predecessor's MediaTek Dimensity 1080. Geekbench 5 results showcase an average of approximately 34% faster multi-core scores, marking a substantial leap in processing power. This improvement, driven by the Exynos 1380, promises users a smoother and more responsive experience, especially in scenarios demanding multitasking and resource-intensive applications.

While the Exynos 1380 outshines the Dimensity 1080 in multi-core performance, both chipsets exhibit comparable single-core benchmarks. This equilibrium ensures a balanced user experience across various tasks, from basic operations to more demanding applications.

Specifications and Features

Geekbench reveals additional specifications, indicating that the Galaxy A35 5G is equipped with 6 GB of RAM, providing ample room for efficient multitasking. Running on the latest Android 14 operating system, users can expect access to advanced features and enhanced security measures. Unfortunately, details about other key features and a potential release date remain undisclosed, leaving enthusiasts eagerly awaiting more information from Samsung.

Pros and Cons

Let's break down the potential strengths and weaknesses of the Samsung Galaxy A35 5G based on the available information.


  • Powerful Exynos 1380 chipset for enhanced performance.
  • Ample 6 GB RAM for efficient multitasking.
  • Modern design changes for an updated look.
  • Latest Android 14 operating system for advanced features.


  • Release date and additional features remain unknown.
  • Specifics about camera, display, and storage details not provided.


The Samsung Galaxy A35 5G, as unveiled through benchmark leaks, signifies a noteworthy evolution in the Galaxy A series. The inclusion of the powerful Exynos 1380 chipset, accompanied by 6 GB of RAM, positions the device as a strong contender in the mid-range smartphone market. Design changes add a touch of modernity, while the adoption of Android 14 ensures users have access to the latest software features.

Despite the promising features, the absence of certain details, including the release date and specifics about the camera, display, and storage, leaves potential buyers in anticipation. As consumers eagerly await the official unveiling, the Galaxy A35 5G holds the promise of delivering an enhanced user experience, blending performance and design upgrades for a compelling mid-range smartphone.

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