Google Pixel 8 Pro Unveils 'Minty Fresh' Colorway: A Refreshing Twist in Tech

Google Pixel 8 Pro

Google teases a new colorway for the Pixel 8 Pro. According to the official online store, it will be called Minty Fresh. As for when the new color will drop, the teaser video posted by Google has confirmed that it will be available on January 25.

Google is preparing to debut a new colorway for the Pixel 8 Pro. Called Minty Fresh, the new color variant for the device will be available on January 25. Google has also hinted that the launch will be in partnership with It’s a Living, who is an NY-based artist.

Besides this new color drop for the Google Pixel 8 Pro, the artist is also collaborating with the company to paint a mural in NYC. That event is scheduled to take place on the same date, which is January 25.

Getting back to the new color of Pixel 8 Pro, Google has posted a teaser video on X (formerly Twitter). In the caption, the company shared an ASCII binary message, which translates to “Fresh year, Fresh drop.” But this doesn’t mean that the new launch will be a completely different device. It’s expected to pack the same hardware as the smartphone that’s already available to purchase (128 GB curr. $799 on Amazon).

Now, while the video showcases the Pixel 8 Pro, the colorway could come to the non-Pro model (128 GB curr. $549 on Amazon). The good news is that there’s not much waiting to do to find out, as the new drop is basically less than a week away.

Reactions and Assessments

Colorway Excitement - Minty Fresh

The revelation of the new Minty Fresh colorway for the Pixel 8 Pro has ignited excitement among Google enthusiasts. The choice of a refreshing and unique color adds a touch of novelty to the device, making it stand out in a sea of smartphones.

The collaboration with It’s a Living for the launch and mural painting event in NYC not only brings an artistic flair but also hints at a creative and vibrant design that users can expect from the Minty Fresh edition.

Teaser Video - A Cryptic Message

Google's use of an ASCII binary message in the teaser video on X (formerly Twitter) has sparked curiosity and speculation among tech enthusiasts. The translation, "Fresh year, Fresh drop," suggests a commitment to delivering something new and exciting, possibly beyond just the color change.

However, the reassurance that the device will maintain the same hardware as the existing Pixel 8 Pro provides a sense of continuity and familiarity for users who are already impressed with the smartphone's capabilities.

Potential Non-Pro Model Inclusion

The mention that the Minty Fresh colorway might extend to the non-Pro model raises questions about the accessibility of this vibrant option for a wider audience. If the color variant becomes available for the non-Pro Pixel 8, it could attract users who appreciate the aesthetic but prefer a more budget-friendly option.

The imminent release date of January 25 adds an element of anticipation, as users eagerly await confirmation on whether both models will indeed receive the Minty Fresh treatment.


The upcoming release of the Minty Fresh colorway for the Google Pixel 8 Pro has set the tech community abuzz with anticipation. The collaboration with It’s a Living and the intriguing teaser video suggest that Google is not just introducing a new color but aiming to create a memorable and artistic experience for users.

Whether the color variant extends to the non-Pro model is a detail that remains to be officially confirmed, adding an element of suspense to the already eagerly awaited launch on January 25. As users prepare for a "Fresh year, Fresh drop," Google seems poised to deliver a visually stunning addition to its flagship Pixel lineup.

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