iPad Air 12.9 Render: A Glimpse into Apple's Future Tablet

iPad Air 12.9

The iPad Air 12.9. The iPad Air 12.9(?). The iPad Air is projected to upgrade to Pro-grade screen real estate in its next generation: a rumor possibly upheld in its latest alleged render. The new schematic purports to blend a premium tablet footprint with slightly more budget design cues, although there are some tweaks that Apple's next 12.9-inch tablet might also inherit some of the OEM's more premium tablet features while missing out on others.

The iPad Air has evolved into a 10.9-inch tablet over 5 generations - however, Apple is expected to move with the times and confer a larger display on its latest iteration. It is also tipped to launch as an M2-powered device - just like the Vision Pro. Then again, it is not clear how much closer the resulting slate could get to the OEM's current top-end Pro model - although 91Mobiles claims to have found out.

The blog's new series of "CAD renders" purport to confirm that the first-gen "iPad Air 12.9" will also be USB-C, not to mention a quad-speaker tablet with bezels seemingly not that far off those of its existing Pro siblings. Then again, it fails to upgrade to dual rear cameras in this new leak.

Instead, the standard single-ring iPad Air module merely expands to engulf the flash, resulting in a raised rear panel feature that looks somewhat like a hardware toggle or a privacy shutter. Nevertheless, the overall footprint does give the impression of being large enough to accommodate a 12.9-inch display.

The supposed iPad Air 12.9 lacks for a launch date as much as it does confirmation of its existence; in the meantime, the Air 5 with up to 256GB of internal storage is available Renewed on Amazon.

Reactions and Assessments

CPU: M2 Powering the Future

The mention of an M2-powered device aligns with Apple's commitment to performance. If true, this upgrade in CPU could signify a considerable boost in processing power, potentially bringing the iPad Air 12.9 closer to the Pro models.

Graphics Processor: Evolving Display Standards

The rumored Pro-grade screen real estate suggests a shift towards more advanced graphics processing. The integration of USB-C is a welcome change, indicating compatibility with a wider range of peripherals and accessories.

Display: Larger and Pro-Grade

The move to a 12.9-inch display is a significant evolution for the iPad Air. If the render is accurate, users can expect an immersive viewing experience. The blend of premium and budget design cues is intriguing, as it positions the device as a compelling option for a broad audience.

Connectivity: Embracing USB-C

The transition to USB-C is a positive step, enhancing connectivity options. However, the absence of dual rear cameras may disappoint users looking for advanced photography capabilities.

RAM: Unspecified

Details about the RAM configuration are missing from the current information. The performance and multitasking capabilities of the iPad Air 12.9 would greatly depend on the RAM specifications, which remain uncertain at this point.

Storage: Options Await Confirmation

While the Air 5 is available with up to 256GB of internal storage, the storage options for the iPad Air 12.9 remain undisclosed. The choice of storage capacity can significantly impact the device's usability and appeal to different user segments.

Camera: Single Module with a Unique Design

The decision to stick with a single rear camera but introduce a unique design element is interesting. The raised rear panel feature prompts curiosity, and its functionality, whether as a hardware toggle or privacy shutter, remains to be seen.

Dimension: A Sizeable Impression

The overall footprint of the supposed iPad Air 12.9 gives the impression of accommodating its larger display. Dimensional details are crucial for users who prioritize portability, and the render hints at a device that strikes a balance between size and functionality.

OS: Unspecified, but Expecting the Latest

Details about the operating system are not provided in the current information. However, given Apple's conventional approach, users can anticipate the iPad Air 12.9 to run on the latest version of iPadOS, ensuring access to the latest features and optimizations.

Price and Other Features: Yet to be Revealed

The article lacks information on the expected price of the iPad Air 12.9, leaving consumers in suspense. Moreover, other features, such as battery life, display technology, and additional functionalities, remain undisclosed, contributing to the mystery surrounding this alleged tablet.

Pros and Cons


  • Pro-grade screen real estate for an immersive viewing experience.
  • USB-C connectivity for enhanced compatibility.
  • M2-powered CPU, potentially offering impressive processing power.
  • Unique design element with the raised rear panel.
  • Promising blend of premium and budget design cues.


  • Uncertain RAM specifications may impact performance.
  • Single rear camera may not satisfy users seeking advanced photography features.
  • Lack of information on storage options and capacities.
  • Details about the operating system are not provided.
  • Price and other key features remain undisclosed, creating anticipation and uncertainty.

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