Unveiling the OnePlus Buds 3: Elevating Audio with Advanced ANC and Impressive Battery Life

OnePlus Buds 3

The OnePlus Buds 3, unveiled alongside the sub-flagship Ace 3 smartphone on January 4, 2024, mark OnePlus's foray into the truly wireless earbuds market. Branded as the TWS counterparts for the Ace 3, these peripherals are far from ordinary, boasting specifications that rival even some of the highest-end models from the previous year.

Advanced Features

Despite being introduced alongside the Ace 3, the Buds 3 steal the spotlight with their cutting-edge features. One notable inclusion is the LHDC 5.0 codec, a technology that promises high-quality audio transmission. This codec, often associated with flagship audio devices of 2023, elevates the audio experience, providing users with a rich and immersive sound.

Furthermore, the Buds 3 join the league of elite earbuds by incorporating Bluetooth 5.3 connectivity. This ensures a stable and efficient connection, contributing to a seamless user experience. However, it's worth noting that the LHDC 5.0 codec may require a compatible smartphone to unlock its full potential. For users without such compatibility, the Buds 3 offer the standard SBC/AAC combination, ensuring widespread usability.

Noise Reduction Capabilities

OnePlus doesn't disappoint when it comes to addressing the growing demand for superior noise cancellation. The Buds 3 boast an impressive 49 decibel (dB) noise reduction capability, a feature that stands out in the crowded market of wireless earbuds. This capability is designed to eliminate up to 99.6% of unwanted ambient noise, providing users with an immersive and distraction-free listening experience.

Design and Durability

Visually unassuming, the Buds 3 pack a punch with their in-ear wireless design. Additionally, they are IP55-rated, making them resistant to water and dust. This durability factor adds to the appeal for users who lead an active lifestyle or simply want earbuds that can withstand various environmental conditions.

Battery Life and Charging

One of the standout features of the Buds 3 is their impressive battery life. The earbuds, coupled with their slightly squashed-looking 520mAh case, offer an estimated 44 hours of usage. This extended battery life ensures that users can enjoy their favorite music and podcasts throughout the day without constantly worrying about recharging.

However, it's important to note that while the Buds 3 support fast charging via USB-C, the absence of wireless charging might raise eyebrows for some users. The convenience of wireless charging has become a standard feature in premium earbuds, and its absence in the Buds 3 could be seen as a missed opportunity for OnePlus to deliver a comprehensive charging experience.

Color Options

The Buds 3 are not just about functionality; they also offer a touch of personalization. Available in either Deep Sky Gray or Clear Sea Blue, users can choose a color that complements their style. This attention to aesthetic details showcases OnePlus's commitment to providing a holistic user experience.

What Lies Ahead

As we marvel at the technological prowess of the Buds 3, it's inevitable to wonder about the future. With the possibility of a Buds Pro 2 successor in 2024, OnePlus has room for innovation. Speculations about wireless charging being a potential addition highlight the ever-evolving nature of consumer technology.

For now, users can appreciate the Buds 3 for what they are - a reliable and feature-packed companion for the Ace 3. As OnePlus continues to push boundaries, the next iteration might bring forth new advancements, perhaps addressing the absence of wireless charging and introducing even more groundbreaking features.

Price and Accessibility

The pricing strategy for the OnePlus Buds 3 positions them as an attractive option in the market. With a full price of 499 yuan (~$70), or 399 yuan (~$56) when bundled with a new Ace 3 from OPPO China, OnePlus aims to make premium TWS technology accessible to a broader audience. This pricing model suggests that the Buds 3 could soon go global, aligning with the rumored 12R release.

As consumers weigh the features against the price, OnePlus's commitment to delivering value becomes evident. The Buds 3 offer a compelling package, balancing advanced technology with a price point that doesn't break the bank.


The OnePlus Buds 3 make a strong entry into the competitive world of truly wireless earbuds. With advanced ANC, a commendable battery life, and a thoughtful design, these earbuds cater to the needs of users seeking a premium audio experience.

While some may express disappointment at the absence of wireless charging, the overall package presented by the Buds 3 is undeniably appealing. OnePlus has successfully crafted earbuds that not only complement the Ace 3 but also stand as independent audio accessories worthy of consideration.

As technology enthusiasts look forward to the potential Buds Pro 2 in 2024, OnePlus has set a high bar with the Buds 3. Whether you're an avid music lover, a frequent traveler, or someone who values durability, the Buds 3 offer a well-rounded solution.

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