Asus ROG Zephyrus G14 & G16: Unveiling the 2024 Gaming Beasts

Asus ROG Zephyrus G14 & G16

Base Model (€1,899)

The entry-level G14 packs a punch with an Nvidia GeForce RTX 4050 laptop GPU (90W), 16 GB RAM, and a 512 GB SSD. At a price of €1,899, it aims to deliver an immersive gaming experience without breaking the bank.

Reaction: The inclusion of the RTX 4050 at this price point is commendable, offering decent graphics power for budget-conscious gamers. However, the 512 GB SSD might be limiting for users with a penchant for large game libraries.

Mid-Range Variant (€2,199)

Stepping up the game, the mid-range G14, priced at €2,199, boasts an Nvidia GeForce RTX 4060 (90W), 16 GB RAM, and a more spacious 1 TB SSD. Notably, this model is available in an eye-catching white color.

Reaction: The move to a larger SSD is appreciated, and the aesthetic appeal in white adds a touch of sophistication. The RTX 4060 promises improved graphics performance, making it an enticing choice for gamers who want that extra edge.

Top-Tier Model (€2,599)

For the gaming aficionados seeking the pinnacle of performance, the top-tier G14 model, priced at €2,599, flaunts an Nvidia GeForce RTX 4070 (90W), 32 GB RAM, and a capacious 1 TB SSD.

Reaction: The increase in RAM and the formidable RTX 4070 position this variant as the go-to choice for hardcore gamers. The 1 TB SSD ensures ample space for games and multimedia, catering to the needs of power users.

Assessment: The G14 lineup impresses with its variety and affordability. Asus has strategically catered to different budget segments, ensuring that gamers can find a configuration that aligns with their preferences and financial constraints.

2024 Asus ROG Zephyrus G16

Mid-Range Model (€2,499)

The G16 lineup kicks off with a mid-range model, priced at €2,499. Dressed in an elegant white case, it boasts a Core Ultra 9 185H processor, GeForce RTX 4060 (100W), 32 GB RAM, and a capacious 1 TB SSD.

Reaction: The aesthetic appeal of the white case is a nice touch, adding a premium feel to the mid-range model. The RTX 4060, coupled with the powerful processor and ample RAM, promises stellar gaming performance.

Highest-End Model (€4,299)

At the zenith of the G16 series, the highest-end model commands a price of €4,299. It features a Core Ultra 9 185H processor, GeForce RTX 4090 (115W), 32 GB RAM, and an expansive 2 TB SSD.

Reaction: The inclusion of the mighty RTX 4090 and a massive 2 TB SSD positions this model as a powerhouse for gaming and content creation. However, the high price tag may deter budget-conscious consumers.

Assessment: The G16 lineup caters to gamers who demand uncompromised performance. The white case option adds a touch of elegance, but the premium configurations come at a steep cost.

Display, Connectivity, and Other Features

Both the G14 and G16 boast a ROG Nebula display with a 16:10 aspect ratio, an OLED panel with a resolution of 2,880 x 1,800 pixels, and a rapid 120 Hz refresh rate. Additional features include a USB-C port with USB 4 and Power Delivery support, an infrared camera for Windows facial login, quad speakers, and Wi-Fi 6E.

Reaction: The display specifications are impressive, promising vibrant visuals and smooth gaming experiences. The inclusion of USB 4 and Wi-Fi 6E ensures that these laptops are equipped with the latest connectivity standards.

Assessment: Asus has prioritized display quality and connectivity, enhancing the overall user experience. The combination of an OLED panel and a high refresh rate is a winning formula for gamers who crave visual excellence.

Pros and Cons


  1. Diverse Configurations: The range of configurations caters to varying budget and performance needs.
  2. OLED Display: The use of OLED panels promises rich colors and deep blacks for an immersive visual experience.
  3. Connectivity Features: USB 4, Power Delivery support, and Wi-Fi 6E ensure that these laptops are future-proofed in terms of connectivity.
  4. Powerful Graphics Options: The inclusion of high-end Nvidia RTX GPUs, including the mighty RTX 4090, provides users with top-notch graphics performance.


  • Storage Limitations: The base configurations with 512 GB SSDs may be limiting for users with extensive game libraries or multimedia needs.
  • High-End Pricing: The top-tier configurations of both G14 and G16 come with a hefty price tag, potentially excluding budget-conscious consumers.
  • Limited Color Options: The availability of the white case is limited to specific configurations, restricting choices for users who prioritize aesthetics.

Operating System and Dimensions

Both the G14 and G16 run on the latest Windows operating system, ensuring compatibility with a vast array of software and games. In terms of dimensions, the 14-inch G14 is compact and portable, while the 16-inch G16 offers a larger canvas for gaming and productivity.

Reaction: The choice of the Windows operating system is expected, providing a familiar and versatile environment for users. The compact form factor of the G14 and the larger display of the G16 cater to different preferences in terms of portability and screen real estate.

Assessment: Asus has opted for a reliable and widely used operating system, and the varied dimensions cater to users with different priorities – whether it's portability or a larger display for multitasking and gaming.

Pricing and Final Thoughts

The pricing strategy adopted by Asus reflects a conscious effort to cater to a broad audience. While the base and mid-range configurations offer competitive prices for the features provided, the high-end models may be perceived as premium offerings with a price tag to match.

Reaction: The pricing aligns with the features offered in each configuration, providing consumers with options based on their budget constraints and performance requirements.

Assessment: The Asus ROG Zephyrus G14 and G16 2024 models showcase a thoughtful balance between performance, features, and affordability. The diverse configurations, stunning displays, and robust connectivity make them formidable contenders in the gaming laptop market. However, storage limitations in the base configurations and the premium pricing of high-end models might be points of consideration for potential buyers.

In conclusion, Asus has once again demonstrated its commitment to pushing the boundaries of gaming laptops, offering a compelling lineup that caters to a wide spectrum of users. Whether you're a budget-conscious gamer or a power user seeking the ultimate gaming experience, the ROG Zephyrus G14 and G16 have configurations tailored to meet your specific needs.

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