Intel Core i7-4510U @ 2.00 GHz

Another powerful Ultra Low Voltage Intel processor is now available in the market, the Intel Core i7-4510U. This is a dual core processor which is based on the Haswell architecture and fabricated using in 22 nanometer technology. It features Hyper-Threading, this means that the two cores of the processor can handle up to four threads in parallel, which resulted to better utilization of the processor. Each core of this processor has a base clock speed of 2.0 GHz, but because of Turbo Boost technology it can increase up to 3.1 GHz when 1 of the core is active or 2.8 GHz when 2 cores are activated. Compared to Intel Core i7-4500U, this CPU is 100 - 200 MHz speedier 1.8 GHz - 3.0 GHz.
PassMark Rating of Core i7-4510U compared to other processor
In comparison with the  performance of the Core i7-4510U, it is almost similar to the old and slightly higher clocked Intel Core i7-3667U. Nevertheless, with new instruction sets such as AVX2 the performance of this processor is considerably improved. Therefore, this ultra low voltage processor has adequate power for office programs and multimedia purposes and also with power hungry applications. This processor is more powerful than its sibling, Intel Core i5-4210U which has a PassMark score of 3521.

The Intel Core i7-4510U ULV processor has an integrated Intel HD Graphics 4400 that offers 20 Execution Units which are clocked at about 200 - 1100 MHz because of Turbo Boost technology, this makes it more faster than the older Intel HD Graphics 4000 present in Ivy Bridge Processor. Though, this Intel HD 4400 GPU is slightly slower than the Intel HD 5000 found on newer ULV processor models.

Moreover, this Intel Core i7-4510U has a TDP rating of 15 W including the graphics card, memory controller, VRMs and the integrated chipset in the die. Consequently, the CPU is designed for small laptop PCs with 11-inches or greater display size.

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