Intel Core i7-1065G7

intel 10th
Intel 10th

The Intel Core i7-1065G7 is a power cost-effective quad-core SoC (System on a Chip) for laptops and ultraportable notebooks built on the Ice -Lake-U architecture. It adds four (4) Sunnycove processor cores that can process up to 8 threads at once because of HyperThreading technology employed in this processor architecture.  With regards to processing speed this processor has a base clock speed of  1.3 GHz with Turbo boost up to 3.9 GHz using a single core; with 2 cores the processing can reach 3.8 GHz; with all four cores it can reach up to 3.5 GHz, thanks to Turbo Boost technology. 

Hyperthreading (HT) technology is Intel's term for simultaneous multithreading. It fundamentally signifies that one CPU core can work on two problems or processes at the same time. With CPU Hyper-Threading, a PC or laptop can handle more information in less time and run more background jobs without interruption. Intel Turbo Boost Technology, on the other hand, is a method to automatically handle the processor core quicker than the indicated frequency. The processor should be working in the power, temperature, and specification parameters of the thermal design power (TDP). 

According to Intel, the Sunnycove cores attain 18% more IPCs (Instructions per Clock) and consequently, the CPU operation would be comparable to the higher clocked Whiskey-Lake predecessors such as Core i5-8665U with up to 4.8 GHz processing speed. The Core i7-1065G7 is the fastest 15 W Ice Lake-U chip at the time of revelation in 2019 and only beaten the 28 W Core i7-1068G7.
Intel Core i7
Intel Core i7

The greatest enhancement for Ice-Lake is the integrated Gen 11 GPU called Iris Plus Graphics. The Core i7-1065G7 incorporates the greatest G7 option with 64 CUs which is clocked at 300 MHz up to 1100 MHz. The Iris Plus G7 must be two times as fast as the ancestors and surpass the AMD Vega 10 graphics processor in existing Ryzen APUs, at the moment. Other enhancements for Ice Lake are the AI hardware acceleration and the partial incorporation of Thunderbolt and Wifi 6 in the chip. The incorporated DDR4 memory controller supports modules with up to clock speed of 3200 MHz and LPDDDR4 3733 MHz.

The Intel Core i7-1065G7 is manufactured in the new ten ( 10) nanometer technology process at Intel that would offer a similar performance to the seven (7) nanometer process at TSMC. The Thermal Design Power (TDP) is identified at 15 Watts, and hence the CPU can be utilized in thin and light laptops with a fan. Intel features a modifiable TDP of 7.5 watts up to 25 Watts for the partners leading to noteworthy performance differences.

The Intel Core i7-1065G7 has three (3) levels of cache memories from 192 KB Level 1 Cache, 2MB Level 2 Cache, and 8 MB Level 3 cache. It has a PassMark rating of 8993 points. See CPU Performance Comparison for some information.

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