Intel Core i5-1035G7

10th gen Core i5
10th gen Core i5

The Intel Core i5-1035G7 is a quad-core SoC for regular and gaming laptops and Ultrabooks based on the Ice -Lake-U generation that was unveiled in 2019. It has four Sunnycove processor cores which can process eight (8 )threads at once because of HyperThreading. This SoC has a base clock speed of 1.2 GHz with TurboBoost up to 3.7 GHz using a single Core. With all four cores, the SoC has a maximum speed of 3.3 GHz. As revealed by Intel, the Sunnycove cores attain 18% more Instructions per Clock (IPS)  and consequently, the CPU performance must be comparable to the much higher clocked Whiskey-Lake ancestors.

The major enhancement for this generation of SoC is the integrated graphics card known as Intel Iris Plus Graphics. The Core i5-1035G7 features 64 CUs clocked at 300 MHz with a boost speed of up to 1.05 GHz. The Iris Plus GPU in this SoC would be two times as fast as the predecessors and surpass the performance of the AMD Vega 10 integrated GPU in the Ryzen APUs. 

Additional advances for this SoC generation are the AI hardware acceleration and the partial incorporation of Thunderbolt and WIFI 6 in the chip. The integrated DDR4 memory controller provides supports to RAM modules with up to 3200 MHz; and LPDDDR4 with a 3733 MHz clock.

The i5-1035G7 is fabricated using the new 10 nanometers (nm) treatment and should provide equivalent performance to the 7 nanometers (nm) process at the TSMC. The Thermal Design Power (TDP) rating is identified to be 15 Watts thus, the CPU can be utilized in thin and light laptops/notebook PCs. The TDP can be adjusted to 7.5W up to 25 Watts by the laptop manufacturers. This SoC has three (3) levels of cache memory, from 192 KB level 1 cache to 6MB level 3 cache.

The Core i5-1035G7 quad-core SoC has a CPU Mark of 8493, as of this writing. You may compare the performance of this SoC with the others available in the market here.

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